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Liberty Advocate







Evangelical Cancel Culture

Canceling the Old Church Order





Karen Pansler Lam, J.D.




Evangelicals are hypocrites! They cry out against cancel culture, but where was their outcry when cancel culture madness swept through Evangelical churches years ago?


Saints who disagreed with canceling reverent and holy church culture were bullied, intimidated, shamed, silenced, or run out of the church.


The Old Church culture and voice were canceled.



Canceling the Old Church Order


In the 1980s, leaders of the New Church Order demanded canceling the culture of the Old Church Order claiming it offended the unchurched. They pushed church political-correctness under the guise of evolving cultural attitudes and increasing church membership.


One popular TV preacher defiantly declared: “We want to destroy the Old Church and rebuild it into what WE want!” Of course, this is what he actually meant: “We want a worldly man-led church – a carnal church led by the spirit of man, not a Spirit-led church.”


So, the rebellion began – the hammers of heresy and hatred began tearing down the Old Church Order by canceling the old church culture…


Holiness and righteousness and sanctification and other doctrines were declared offensive and canceled. Preaching against sin was declared a sin.


These Bible doctrines were declared divisive and replaced with humanist doctrines stressing relationships and good works. Christianity was denounced as a religion and called a “personal relationship with Jesus.” But nowhere does the Bible say we must have a "personal relationship" with Jesus. Jesus says we MUST be born again…


Jesus answered and said unto him,

Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
Except a man be born again,
he cannot see the kingdom of God
John 3:3


And the destruction of the Old Church Order by canceling the Old Church culture continued…


The beloved hymns? Canceled.


To justify their cancellation, the New Church Order devilishly lied saying the old hymns were not Scriptural. They were replaced with simplistic, shallow, repetitive, unscriptural songs, often sounding more like sentimental love songs - songs of romance – and “Christian” rock music with a carnal beat.


The King James Bible? Canceled.


It was replaced by progressive “translations.” We were told that doctrines cause division, but hypocritically at the same time told that in keeping with “diversity” we must include diverse politically-correct interpretations.


Wearing our Sunday best in the Lord’s house? Canceled.


False religious leaders mandated in order to make the unchurched (politically correct for unsaved) feel welcome, we must dress down in blue jeans and other causal wear – comfortable clothing – in the Lord’s house. Of course, this is a symbol of rebellion against the Establishment, or established order – the Old Church Order. We were reproved for wearing our Sunday best because showing reverence in the Lord’s house made unbelievers feel uncomfortable.


Sanctity in the sanctuary? Canceled.


Instead of a house of prayer, the New Church Order demanded it become a house of revelry: loud rock music, special effects lighting, large screens, and other irreverent and profane and devilish hype to heighten the psychedelic experience. To be more appealing to the “unchurched,” it must be worldly. Hype replaced the Holy Spirit.


Choirs? Canceled.


The New Church Order demanded choirs be replaced with folk/rock bands, or an entertaining praise and worship team to appeal to the worldly-minded.


And so forth.


You get the idea…


Do everything possible to make it seem like you’re not in church.


Make church fun, awesome, edgy…whatever…but it must not feel like church.


In order to appeal to the unsaved (including false Christians), reverent and holy worship was canceled and replaced with carnal, worldly, irreverent, unholy, profane, blasphemous, impure, unsanctified, false worship.


The New Church Order of false Christians canceled the culture of the Old Church Order.



The Devilish Lie to Cancel the Beloved Hymns


Many of my articles discuss the irreverence, heresy, and other apostasy of the New Church Order; and the bullying, intimidation, harassment and other communist methods of the New Church Order Mafia led by Rick Warren to force resisters to submit to the devilish takeover of the church. And one of their diabolical strategies is to use lies and deception to make Christians ridicule and hate the Old Church culture.




The New Church Order hates sound doctrine, even in songs. That’s one reason they hate the church hymnal. Of course, another reason is they lust after a carnal beat in songs – even church songs. So, they devised a devilish strategy to turn Christians against sacred hymns: boldly lie and declare the old hymns are not Scriptural. I heard Pastor Phil Stephens tell this devilish lie from the platform (now “stage”) at Southside Assembly of God in Lakeland, Florida. That’s one of several reasons I left that church many years ago, and refuse to attend AG churches.


And I see this lie repeated on Facebook.

More than once, I have leafed through church hymnals and didn’t see any unscriptural hymns. So, I looked it up on the Internet…


Let’s briefly evaluate an article by Mike Leake denigrating and ridiculing the old hymns and hymnwriters. The article was posted in 2020…


6 Hymns That Have Been Teaching You Bad Theology (crosswalk.com)


Mike Leake accuses hymnwriters of teaching bad theology. Remember his purpose is to discredit and destroy the Old Church culture.


There are a few classic hymns which I believe have a tendency to teach us bad theology. I do not believe in the long term they edify the body. I love to sing some of these songs, they have sentimental appeal. But there are certain things taught within these six hymns which give me pause.


“I do not believe in the long term they edify the body.” What? Does he know what “edify” means? Leake needs to learn the meaning of the word…


EDIFY To instruct and improve the mind in knowledge generally, and particularly in moral and religious knowledge, in faith and holiness.

Edify one another. 1 Thess. V.

Noah Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language (1848)


Character and moral life require building up. This must be done upon a divine foundation. Edification consists in the building up of Christian character. Presenting the truth, encouragement and promise, admonition and rebuke – these are Scriptural methods of edification. And this can be done through sermon and song.


What a hypocrite!


Mike Leake says these hymns do not build up the body, while he is devilishly tearing down the body!


1. "He Lives" by Alfred H. Ackley


Mike Leake writes…


There is much to commend in this hymn. We must have a living and active faith with the living Lord. And it is true that our testimonies are personal. But Ackley’s apologetic method puts us in shaky waters. Consider the lyrics of He Lives and now ask yourself whether or not someone hearing voices telling them to do something unthinkable could not just as easily fit. How does he know the voices are real? He knows because they live within his heart.


Leake says the hymn is unscriptural. But if we are true born-again Christians, we are cheered by His voice - either by the Holy Spirit, by remembering a Scripture, by an anointed song, and so forth.


And Jesus says…


My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.
John 10:27


Also, Leake implies Christians who believe this are like crazy people who hear voices: "now ask yourself whether or not someone hearing voices telling them to do something unthinkable could not just as easily fit. How does he know the voices are real?"




What we really need from our hymns is not a subjective declaration but firm trust that Christ lives because the Bible says he does. This hymn teaches us to ground our faith in subjectivity. You ask me how I know he lives…because the Bible says he does.


Mike Leake is a pompous fool. He fails to understand the hymn simply discusses the experience of Christian believers that Jesus Christ lives within their hearts, which is Scriptural…


I am crucified with Christ:
nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me:
and the life which I now live in the flesh I live
by the faith of the Son of God,
who loved me,
and gave himself for me.

Galatians 2:20


In other words, when we repent and are saved, we have blessed communion with Christ. Ackley was affirming this by his own experience…


He Lives


By Hymn Stories


Author and Composer --Alfred H. Ackley, 1887-1960


"Why should I worship a dead Jew?"


This challenging question was posed by a sincere young Jewish student who had been attending evangelistic meetings conducted by the author and composer of this hymn, Alfred H. Ackley.


In his book, Forty Gospel Hymn Stories, George W. Sanville records Mr. Ackley's answer to this searching question, which ultimately prompted the writing of this popular gospel hymn.


"He lives! I tell you, He is not dead, but lives here and now! Jesus Christ is more alive today than ever before. I can prove it by my own experience, as well as the testimony of countless thousands."

Hymn Stories - He Lives (ochristian.com)


Simply put, this song is Ackley’s personal testimony. And those of us who are born again joyfully sing this song:


You ask me how I know He lives?

He lives within my heart!


Mike Leake denies and denigrates the communion the redeemed have with the Redeemer.



2. “Blessed Assurance” by Fanny Crosby


Leake writes…


This is such a beloved hymn, I’m confident I’ll get angry comments on this one. But have you ever actually thought through the lyrics and compared them to your walk with Christ? When have you had perfect submission? Ever experienced perfect delight, this side of glory? All is at rest? Really?


Blind from infancy, Fanny Crosby wrote more than 9,000 hymns, including “Blessed Assurance,” a song that reminds us of the security we have in Jesus. Fanny’s blindness did not cause despair or bitterness. When she was eight years old, she penned these words: “Oh, what a happy soul I am, although I cannot see! I am resolved that in this world, Contented I will be.” In other words, Fanny submitted to God’s will for her blindness and still found delight in the Lord.


If we are born again, we will delight in His will because it brings peace…


And the peace of God,
which passeth all understanding,
shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7


Mike Leake is a troubled soul who ridicules and demeans those who experience the delight and peace that submission to God’s will brings.



3. “The Savior Is Waiting” by Ralph Carmichael


Leake writes:


I don’t prefer this hymn because it makes Jesus far too passive and puts the keys way too much in the hands of the sinner. As I read the New Testament I see Jesus working and wooing but I don’t often see him waiting. Furthermore, I think this song doesn’t really do justice to the omniscience of our Savior. This song puts Jesus in far too passive and unknowing of a role for my comfort.


Notice, he says “I don’t prefer this hymn” which is not the same as bad theology.


And notice he uses “I” five times.


The hymn says…


The Savior is waiting to enter your heart,
Why don't you let Him come in?
There's nothing in this world to keep you apart,
What is your answer to Him?


Time after time He has waited before,
And now He is waiting again,
To see if you're willing to open the door,
Oh, how he wants to come in.


But Leake doesn’t like this hymn because he thinks it makes Jesus too passive.


Of course, the Scripture that comes to mind is Jesus’ words…


Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:

if any man hear my voice, and open the door,

I will come in to him,

and will sup with him,

and he with me.

Rev. 3:20


And does Leake know what omniscience means?


Furthermore, I think this song doesn’t really do justice to the omniscience of our Savior. This song puts Jesus in far too passive and unknowing of a role for my comfort.


Omniscience is an attribute peculiar to God meaning all-knowing or all-seeing. How does omniscience apply to this hymn? What does he mean “unknowing of a role for my comfort”?


Mike Leake babbles nonsense.



4. "Away in a Manger"


So, what does Leake nitpick about this hymn?


Did the little Lord Jesus really not cry when he was awoke by a noisy cow? What we end up doing is sanitizing the incarnation. We end up with a Christ-child who isn’t like any other baby who has ever existed. That’s true, though, isn’t it? Christ is absolutely unique. But he’s not unique in this way. He is fully human. You better believe this little baby cried on that night in Bethlehem.


If Leake wants to get nitpicky – the Bible never says Baby Jesus cried.


Furthermore, the hymn says, "The cattle are lowing, the Baby awakes, But little Lord Jesus, no crying He makes." The hymnwriter doesn't say Baby Jesus never cried!


Mike Leake hates the beloved old hymns and will say anything to discredit them! He has heart full of hate for the Old Church culture and is determined to destroy it to bring in the New Church Order.



5. "My Country ‘Tis of Thee" by Samuel F. Smith


Leake writes…


I could include a host of other patriotic songs here. And these are difficult to include because we are called to love the nation in which God has planted us. But there is an American exceptionalism present in so many of these patriotic hymns that fosters a love for a kingdom which rivals the kingdom of God.


There is an aspect of prayer for the nation in many of these hymns as well which I would heartily approve. But I cannot get beyond the bad theology of American exceptionalism and for that reason I believe they do more harm than good.


Do these songs lead us to believe that we have a deeper unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ from another nation, or that we are more united with those who share this land we call America? I fear it’s the latter, and this isn’t biblically helpful.


I don’t know about Leake, but my love for my homeland does not rival my love for the kingdom of God.


There has always been a tendency to put religion and patriotism into fellowship. Samuel Francis Smith acknowledged God as the Author of liberty in “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.”


Our fathers’ God, to Thee,

Author of liberty,

 To Thee we sing:

Long may our land be bright

With freedom’s holy light;

Protect us by Thy might,

Great God, our King!


Edwin H. Hughes explains how patriotism is part of the service of God.

The original Decalogue speaks of “the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” It thus lifts patriotism up to the Highest. Unless our Declaration of Independence was wrong, and unless hundreds of documents sent out by our official representative have been wrong, the teachers of patriotism and good citizenship need not hesitate to relate their lesson to the deepest and most reverent faiths of the human heart. Under such a conception of duties performed conscientiously toward the nation are a part of the service of the great God.

The Teaching of Citizenship (1909)


Patriotism is serving God. Patriotism is a love of our homeland. It is our Christian duty to love, support, and defend “the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.”


There are many patriots in the Bible – men and women – who love their country, and zealously support and defend it and its interests:






… and Jesus!


Of course, Leake is part of the New Church Order which is part of the New World Order to destroy nationalism, and replace it with globalism. Therefore, they denounce patriotic songs expressing love of our country. They are trying to brainwash us into joining the global community and submitting to the one world government.



6. The songs that aren’t in your hymnal.


There are hundreds of songs in our hymnals about the joys of the Christian life, and rightly so. But there is a great dearth of songs of lament. Well over one third of the Psalms are those of lament. It is true that Christ has come. He is the answer and the fulfilment of many of those songs of lament.


Yet, we still live on this side of a redeemed Eden. We still hurt. We still labor. Therefore we still lament. The lack of these songs teaches us an unhealthy theology that leaves open the door to embracing heresies like the so-called prosperity gospel.We need these songs to round out our theology.


Leake wants laments…mournful songs?


He says, “We still hurt.”


Has he ever looked at a hymnal?


Hymnals offer songs of comfort.


For example, The Hymnal for Worship & Celebration has 41 songs listed under the category “Comfort and Encouragement"...


All Your Anxiety

Be Calm My Soul
God Will Take Care of You
He Careth for You
I Must Tell Jesus
No One Understands Like Jesus
Through It All
Wonderful Peace
and 33 more…


Other categories in the hymnal: Assurance, Faith and Hope, Fellowship with Christ, God – Guidance and Care, and other songs of hope and comfort and peace.


The lack of these songs teaches us an unhealthy theology that leaves open the door to embracing heresies like the so-called prosperity gospel.

What a stupid statement!




Who is teaching bad theology?


The hymns or Mike Leake?


Do you see Leake is trying to create doubt and confusion about hymns so we’ll throw out the church hymnals?


And remember his pompous notion: “I do not believe in the long term they edify the body”?


Again, edification consists in the building up of Christian character. Presenting the truth, encouragement and promise, admonition and rebuke – these are Scriptural methods of edification.


With his poisoned pen, Leake writes to deceive Christians into hating and despising the beloved hymns that for decades – some centuries – and even today edify Christians: bring comfort and encouragement and faith and hope to the hearts of people in sickness and sorrow, doubt, danger and anxiety; bring joy to the hearts of people in times of victory, praise, and celebration; teach sound doctrine; encourage fellowship with the saints and communion with God; and call sinners to repentance. Simply put, the hymns call sinners to repentance and saints to discipleship and holiness. They instruct us in our love for God, love for others, and God’s love. There are funeral hymns and worship hymns. There are hymns for missions and evangelism. There are songs for testimony. And so forth…


But Leake says, “I do not believe in the long term they edify the body.”


Mike Leake is a pompous fool.


Well, this note at the end of the article may explain it…


Mike Leake is the Lead Pastor at FBC Marionville in Marionville, Missouri. He is currently pursuing his M.Div. at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. 


He was schooled in Cultural Marxism and rebellion against the Old Church culture in seminary.


Shame on Mike Leake and others in the New Church Order, who with their devilish lies about the old beloved hymns, canceled the hymns of the Old Church.




Moody Church Cancel Culture


My husband and I spent Easter in the North Georgia Mountains. On Easter morning, I turned on the radio and found the broadcast of The Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois. The church was founded by Evangelist Dwight L. Moody and is also referred to as Moody Memorial Church. As I listened, I was so impressed! What beautiful and reverent singing! This church honors the majesty of the King of kings, and Lord of lords with a reverent Easter service!


Since there was no Internet access where I was staying, I decided to watch the service online when I got home…


What a disappointment! When I visited Moody Church’s Facebook page, much to my dismay, I discovered the service on the radio was an old Easter service! Click here to watch it:  Facebook


So, I posted two comments…


Where is the beautiful and reverent Easter service with Pastor Erwin Lutzer I heard aired Easter morning on BBN radio? It must have been an old service. Too bad Moody Church is now worldly just like the other apostate churches! What would D.L. Moody think? Shame on Moody Church!


What a poorly dressed congregation for Easter Sunday! And those on the platform (or stage?) don't look any better! What a disappointment! I will not support a church that does not know how to honor the holiest day of the year by dressing with such disdain for such a holy day! And the worldly music is not fitting for the King of kings and Lord of lords! Woe unto Moody Church!


The Moody Church

Karen Pansler Lam, if we may ask -- what are your specific concerns? We sought to honor God with everything we did on Easter Sunday, as we do at every moment. If you have specific concerns you would like us to address, please feel free to email us at info@moodychurch.org, or to send us a direct message.


The Moody Church

Karen Pansler Lam

 - we're sorry that you were unhappy with what you consider inappropriate dress. Although we ask everyone to be modest, we don't consider "dress code" to be an indicator of one's spiritual state. We would encourage you to consider James 2 and the Apostle's exhortation to welcome the "man in shabby clothes" with as much joy as we do the one wearing "fine clothing."


I replied...


The man in shabby clothes means the poor - it does not mean lazy slobs, or those who want to dress comfortably. I know many poor folks who still desire to dress their best to go to the Lord's house. On the Lord's day, when we go to the Lord's house, we should honor Him in everything we do - including dress. For we are honoring the King of kings, and Lord of lords! Whether ignorantly or defiantly, Moody has bought into the New Church Order. Shame on you! See my message "No Reverence in God's House" @ http://www.libertyadvocate.com/Reverence.htm


Yes, I was truly disappointed.


They sang some of the old hymns, but in a profane rock/folk spirit that pandered to the carnal-minded. There was nothing majestic or holy or reverent in their singing. It was singing in the flesh to please the flesh.


Where were the trumpets heralding the glorious resurrection of the King of kings, and Lord of lords?


Instead, there were the beating of drums, banging of cymbals, and heavy guitar beats – profane music that panders to the worldly-minded, and degrades hymns to a secular level.




When the culture of the church imitates the culture of the world, it is an abomination.  It is a profanation of the sanctity of the sanctuary.  It is sacrilege in the sanctuary.


Even now as I review the video of Moody’s Easter service, it sickens my spirit…


They offer impure worship by trying to blend a rock/folk band and choir and church organ. In other words, they are trying to please everyone by offering corrupt worship. You cannot blend the sacred and secular.


Ye cannot drink the cup of the LORD,
and the cup of devils:
ye cannot be partakers of the LORD's table,
and of the table of devils.
1 Corinthians 10:21


You cannot offer unto the Lord holy and unholy worship.


Of course, we are witnessing the great falling away – the apostate church – where the carnal desires of man guide the church, not the Holy Spirit.


Other evidence of Moody Church cancel culture is their irreverence in the Lord’s house by inappropriate dress…


One young woman in the folk/rock church band wore a baggy hippie dress. Another young woman wore a man’s hat and a dress with a tightly cinched belt under her bustline to accentuate it. The other women wore slacks. The men were dressed in various clothes – some with jackets, some without – and no neckties. It was a motley crew giving the appearance of a secular rock/folk band, not saints who were privileged to stand before the congregation and sing glorious songs of praise to the King of kings and Lord of lords on Resurrection Day!


In fact, if you just look at the video without the sound, other than lilies on the altar, you would never know it was Resurrection Sunday!


Pastor Miller (called Pastor Phillip; another part of church cancel culture) closed with an invitation to “come to know Jesus” (a personal relationship), not if you would like to be saved, or born again.


As explained earlier, the Bible never says we must have a “personal relationship” with Christ.


Jesus is very clear…


Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit,

he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

John 3:5


Ye must be born again.

John 3:7


Jesus says we must be born again, not we should be born again.  It is absolutely necessary if we are to be called one of His own.  


There are many professing Christians who claim to have a “personal relationship” with Jesus, but smoke marijuana, watch pornography, get drunk, and commit other sins. This is the false gospel of the New Church Order that hates the doctrines of repentance, holiness, righteousness, and other doctrines that teach the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit.


When we are born again, the Holy Spirit renews and sanctifies us.


We are new creatures in Christ...


Therefore if any man be in Christ,

he is a new creature:

old things are passed away;

 behold, all things are become new.

2 Corinthians 5:17


I wonder how many souls in Moody Church believe they are saved, but are on the road to hell because the church has surrendered to the New Church Order?


Undeniably, Moody Church has canceled the Old Church Order and replaced it with the apostate New Church Order.



We Must Repent for Canceling Holy Church Culture


Evangelicals cry out against secular cancel culture, but they canceled Old Church culture: holy music to a holy God, reverent dress in the Lord’s house, a sanctified sanctuary, and other holy church culture.


And they replaced it with New Church culture: carnal, worldly, irreverent, unholy, profane, blasphemous, impure, unsanctified church culture.


And we wonder why America is under God’s judgment?




April 2021

Liberty Advocate








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