Exposing the Hypocrisy of "Hate Has No Home Here"

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Exposing the Hypocrisy of "Hate Has No Home Here"
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Liberty Advocate





Exposing the Hypocrisy of "Hate Has No Home Here"


The Anti-Christian Hate Behind the
"Hate Has No Home Here" Sign



Karen Pansler Lam, J.D.





Hate Has No Home Here” is an attack on Christian Americans. The intent of the sign is to label the cause of preserving Christian America as hate speech and bully Christians into submission to polytheism and perversion.


Hate Has No Home Here” is a hate sign…it hates our American heritage and American culture, and is trying to transform America into a polytheistic and perverted globalist nation.


Hate Has No Home Here” is hate speech against Christian America.  Its message advocates open borders to enemy cultures and false religions who hate Christian America and want to destroy it.


The anti-hate sign is actually hate speech against Christian Americans.



"Hate Has No Home Here" Signs in My Hometown

A handful of “Hate Has No Home Here” yard signs appeared in my hometown. A Chicago neighborhood formed the group and designed the sign as a protest against Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims entering the country during the 2016 presidential campaign. Simply put, the group is liberal social activists supporting Islam and other false religions, homosexuals, and other anti-Christian ideologies under the banner of “inclusion.” Inclusion evolved from multiculturalism, or polytheism. Inclusion embraces multiculturalism, polytheism, transgenderism, and other anti-Christian -isms. In other words, inclusion says all cultures are equal, all religions (gods) are equal, all sexuality is equal, and so forth; and should be equally celebrated in American culture.

Inclusion denounces American patriotism and advocates globalism.

Inclusion denounces American heritage and advocates world heritage.

Inclusion denounces Christianity and advocates polytheism.

In short, those who advocate inclusion are pushing for Christian America to become Polytheistic America, or the worship of many gods.

Inclusion is idolatry.

Inclusion is anti-Christian.

Inclusion is antichrist.

The Local Newspaper Writes About the Yard Signs

In November 2017, the local newspaper published an article about folks in town who display the sign in their yards.

Read the article…

Placards for peace: Anti-hate signs broadcast message of ...

Even though some who display the sign claim to be Christians – Episcopalian and one Assemblies of God - they either knowingly or ignorantly pridefully display the group’s liberal theology and ideology that America should be a polytheistic nation.

So, in response to the article, I wrote a letter to the editor…

Dear Editor:

The politically-correct sign “Hate Has No Home Here” is anti-Christian and promotes polytheism. God gave our forefathers this land to possess as a Christian nation, and they established a government based on Biblical principles. But we have turned our backs on God. In the name of “diversity” we have become a polytheistic nation. It is not Biblical for our land to be devoured by strangers who invade America to overthrow our Christian heritage and Christian culture.

America was given to our Christian forefathers. It is our rightful inheritance. God gave the Christian Pilgrims and Puritans dominion over America. Christians have rightful ownership of America. However, we allow strangers to come to America and wrest our land away from us. Strangers are robbing us of our Christian culture and Christian heritage. Christians are losing dominion over America, and we allow strangers to rob our children of their inheritance.

When the Israelites went out of Egypt a large, mixed multitude of foreigners accompanied them. Among the Israelites there were at all times those who were not Hebrew. They were tolerated and granted some privileges. But they had to comply with certain laws: foreigners shall not blaspheme the Name of the Lord (Lev. 24:16), foreigners shall not indulge in idolatrous worship (Lev. 20:2), and other laws. In consideration for obeying these laws, Gentiles were protected and tolerated. Simply put, the Hebrews held dominion over strangers. They were not allowed to come into the land and trample on or overthrow the Hebrew culture.

We are traitors if we purposely aid the enemies of America to dispossess us of the land given to our Christian forefathers.

More important, we betray God if we refuse to fight for our Christian land, our Christian heritage, and our Christian culture.

We must repent of becoming a polytheistic nation.

Karen Pansler Lam

Interestingly, even though the letter did not exceed the number of words allowed, the editor deleted the entire third paragraph that explained the strangers who lived with the Israelites were not allowed to trample on or overthrow the Hebrew culture. As one of my articles points out, the Israelites forbid the heathen to worship their false gods in obedience to the First Commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3).


A fury of anti-Christian demonical ranting spewed forth from the pit of hell in the Comments section of the newspaper online! Read my letter online and read the anti-Christian comments and hateful comments of false Christians who replace the true gospel with the gospel of humanism. I am vilified as a “moron” and “hateful” and other derogatory words to bully my Christian voice into being silent.

Read my letter and the malicious comments @

Of course, this is a tactic of communists, socialists, and other liberals: vilify Bible Christians to bully them into submission or silence.

But I will not be bullied into submission to polytheism.

And I will not be bullied into silence.

Hate Has No Home Here Contacts Me

The same day my letter to the editor was published, I received an email from one of the founding members of Hate Has No Home Here.

1) Here is her email...

Hi Karen,

You recently wrote a letter to The Ledger about a Hate Has No Home Here sign that you had seen in your community. I think you may have the wrong idea about our project, so I thought I’d reach out to you to see if you’d be interested in learning a little bit about how we got started and the intent behind the message. Our project is strictly non-partisan, and is not affiliated with any religion, campaign, candidate, ideology, or party. If the message is being used incorrectly in your area, we’d be eager to learn more about that.

Please let me know if you’d like to connect and we can take it from there.


Carmen for the
Hate Has No Home Here Team


2) Here is my reply…


Hello Carmen,


"Hate Has No Home Here" promotes multiculturalism, or polytheism. Here are excerpts from my article, "Dancing in the Streets"...

Listen, there is an intense spiritual battle raging for the heart and the mind and the soul of America.  Eastern and Western heathens are fighting to conquer and drive Christianity out of America. And we must not join hand in hand with pagan religions that worship false gods by celebrating multiculturalism. Remember another name for multiculturalism is polytheism. 


Heathens and false Christians call for “tolerance” of every religion.  But this is a trick of deceit and hypocrisy!  It is not universal tolerance. They hate Christianity!  And enemies of Christ advocate tolerance of every religion except Christianity.  And the more polytheistic diversity is encouraged, the more true Christians are persecuted. 


Don’t forget, as I told you before, secular humanists, atheists, and all others who are anti-Christ don’t have power enough to drown out the influence of Christian culture, so they’re attempting to oppress and suppress it.  They plan to submerge Christian culture in the rising tide of diverse and rival cultures and religions. In other words, multiculturalists introduce rival cultures and false religions to cunningly and gradually lessen Christian culture’s influence, and eventually suppress it.  And the most important part of their strategy is to deceive us so we will join in destroying Christian culture by accepting the false gospel of multiculturalism.  We are in danger of becoming a polytheistic nation. And Christians are ignorantly dancing in the streets hand in hand with the enemy to celebrate multiculturalism, or polytheism.


Have you not read in the Scriptures that God warns us of the consequences of joining hands with the heathens?  In the Old Testament, God warns us in Numbers 33:


50 And the Lord spake unto Moses in the plains of Moab by Jordan near Jericho, saying,

51 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye are passed over Jordan into the land of Canaan;

52 Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their pictures, and destroy all their molten images, and quite pluck down all their high places:

53 And ye shall dispossess the inhabitants of the land, and dwell therein: for I have given you the land to possess it.

54 And ye shall divide the land by lot for an inheritance among your families: and to the more ye shall give the more inheritance, and to the fewer ye shall give the less inheritance: every man’s inheritance shall be in the place where his lot falleth; according to the tribes of your father ye shall inherit.

55 But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell.

56 Moreover it shall come to pass, that I shall do unto you, as I thought to do unto them.


God commands that we must not compromise with idolatry.  On no account are we to covenant and join hands with the heathens in the name of tolerance or peace. This isn't what I suggest. And this isn't what God suggests. This is what God commands!


Unfortunately, out of indolence or cowardice or ignorance we have allowed the false gospel of multiculturalism (polytheism) to invade and dwell in our land. And the heathens have become a constant and dangerous annoyance! The heathens are “pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell.”  


Heathens conspire to submerge Christian culture in the rising tide of diverse and rival cultures and religions.


Heathens conspire to wrest America away from Christians and take possession of the land. 


Heathens conspire to make America an idolatrous nation.


Read the entire message @ http://www.libertyadvocate.com/message22.htm


See also...



Strangers in Our Land; 
The Duty of Christians to Possess America




America is in danger of being overthrown by strangers.


God gave our forefathers this land to possess as a Christian nation, and they founded America on Biblical principles.


But modern Americans turned our backs on God. In the names of “diversity” and “interfaith” and “multiculturalism” we became a polytheistic nation. False Christians and their pagan allies formed a devilish confederacy for strangers in our land to overthrow true Christianity and replace it with polytheism, or idolatry.


When the Israelites went up out Egypt a large, mixed multitude of foreigners, or strangers, accompanied them.  But the heathen had to comply with certain regulations.


Strangers shall not blaspheme the name of Jehovah (Lev. 24:16).

Strangers shall not indulge in idolatrous worship (Lev. 20:2).

Strangers shall not commit acts of indecency (Lev. 18:26).


Simply put, the Hebrews held dominion over strangers. They were not allowed to come into the land and trample on or overthrow the Hebrew culture.


Carmen, do not be deceived by multiculturalism which is another name for polytheism.  


Christmas blessings,


Karen Pansler Lam, J.D.
Liberty Advocate 


3) Carmen replied...

Hi Karen - thanks for taking the time to reply. As a founding member of the Hate Has No Home Here project, I can assure you that multiculturalism and polytheism were nowhere on the agenda when we came together. Quite the contrary, actually. Our idea was not to insist that there’s something we must all agree upon - religion, politics, etc., Rather we sought to forward the idea that when we disagree, we must be mindful of how we treat one another, how we speak and engage in public discourse. The message is translated so all can get our meaning. If there are those among us who hate us for our politics or our religion or culture, it is our hope that we can turn them away from hate and toward more respectful treatment and consideration of one another. 

I’m afraid I’m not convinced that diversity equals persecution for a particular group among us, but I understand that you do strongly believe that. I hope that upon some reflection you find some comfort in knowing that even though we may disagree, I wish you peace, just as I wish it to all our brothers and sisters in this country, and everywhere in the world.

Carmen for the
Hate Has No Home Here Team


4) Here is my reply...

Dear Carmen,

I am puzzled by your response: “I can assure you that multiculturalism and polytheism were nowhere on the agenda when we came together. Quite the contrary, actually. Our idea was not to insist that there’s something we must all agree upon - religion, politics, etc.” 

What? Carmen, do you know what multiculturalism and polytheism mean? They don’t insist that we must all agree upon religion, politics, etc. On the contrary, multiculturalism and polytheism are ideologies that insist we tolerate every foreign culture and every false religion, and allow them to transform America from a Christian nation into a multicultural/polytheistic nation.

In fact, your website lies about the project: “the project, itself, does not align with, nor does it support, fundraise for, or allow attribution to any campaign, ideology, party, candidate, faith-based organization, religion or other special interest.”  https://hatehasnohomehere.org/faq/

Really? Your website states under “What else is there?” that “The expressed purpose of this project is to promote just and inclusive communities.”  Inclusion advocates multiculturalism, or polytheism, and includes sexual perversion.  So, it is a lie that the project doesn’t align itself with any ideology. The truth is that you align yourself with the ideologies of polytheism and perversion.

Clearly, the ideology of your polytheistic/perversion campaign is the destruction of American heritage and American culture, specifically Christian heritage and Christian culture.  Your so-called message of anti-hate is actually hate speech against Christian Americans.  

And your hatred of Christian America is evidenced in “Placards for peace: Anti-hate signs broadcast message of inclusion in Lakeland” where you acknowledge that the group emerged as a protest against Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims entering the country…

Hate Has No Home Here describes itself as non-political, and Rodriguez stresses that the group has no political affiliations. She acknowledges, though, that the idea emerged in the late stages of last year’s presidential campaign, when Republican front-runner Donald Trump was calling for a ban on Muslims entering the country.

Carmen, the group does not care about the safety and welfare of fellow Americans.

Shockingly, you demand America’s enemies – ravenous wolves - be welcomed into the flock to attack the sheep and the lambs.  “Hate Has No Home Here” is a sign protesting all efforts to safeguard America from its enemies. 

You demand that we invite those who are harmful, even hostile, to invade our American life.  You demand that we accept foreign aliens who are terrorists, convicts, lunatics, anarchists and others whose diabolic intent is to sabotage America. 

 As American citizens, we have important obligations, including the obligation to promote the general welfare, which includes loyalty to the best interests of our fellow Americans, including protecting them from internal and external enemies – wolves.  But you refuse to obey this moral obligation. You favor foreign aliens who want to destroy our American heritage.

Moreover, many foreign aliens do not seek to bring their best to America, but seek to take the best from America. They do not come to be a blessing to America; they come to be a burden to America: demand welfare, refuse to learn English, demand Sharia law, and so forth.  Undeniably, those who come to be a burden to America come to destroy America.

In years past, public schools did the greatest work of fusing alien peoples into American life.  They sang patriotic songs, recited patriotic poems, celebrated American holidays, and so forth.  Of course, now students are indoctrinated with globalist propaganda such as multicultural literature and songs; and schools are not allowed to celebrate Christmas, Easter, and other American and Christian holidays. They are renamed “Winter Holiday,” “Spring Holiday,” and other secular days instead of their rightful celebration as holy days.

Carmen, my ancestors arrived in America from Germany in the 1700s.  They learned English as their primary language.  They adopted American traditions. They did not cause division by declaring themselves German-Americans.  They were Americans.

Moreover, my ancestors were American patriots and zealously supported and defended our nation’s interests.  They worked hard and were self-supporting. And some were seriously injured or lost their lives in wars defending our liberty.

And while you politely say “I wish you peace,” you are working to destroy America by promoting polytheism and perversion. 

Finally, your website asserts: “This sign is a statement that, while it is okay to disagree with others civilly regarding issues, it is not okay to intimidate or attack a person or group – verbally or physically – based on attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, political party, or sexual orientation.” 

But, as you well know, “Hate Has No Home Here” is an attack on Christian Americans.  The intent of the sign is to label the cause of preserving Christian America as hate speech and bully Christians into submission to polytheism and perversion.

O ye hypocrites!

Hate Has No Home Here” is a hate sign…it hates our American heritage and American culture, and is trying to transform America into a polytheistic and perverted globalist nation.

Hate Has No Home Here” is actually hate speech against Christian America.  Its message advocates open borders to enemy cultures and false religions who hate Christian America and want to destroy it. (See “Dancing in the Streets” @ http://www.libertyadvocate.com/message22.htm)

The message is clear…“Hate Has No Home Here” hates Christian Americans.

O ye hypocrites!


Karen Pansler Lam, J.D.
Liberty Advocate 

Carmen did not reply.


Letters to the Editor Attacking Me

The newspaper printed several letters attacking me. All who responded are either ignorant of the historical truth about America’s godly heritage, or knowingly and willfully deny it.  Go online and read the letters and the comments.

Feel the fire and fury of hell against Bible Christians and Christian America in these excerpts:

(1) Jasraj Pruthi devilishly alleges America was created as a polytheistic nation...

the land was never created as monotheistic, but rather as a land of multiple theologies, which does not justify for the pushing away of a polytheistic nation.

Pruthi either ignorantly or knowingly and willfully denies the truth about America’s rich Christian heritage. Historical record after historical record documents America’s Christian – monotheistic - foundation…

a. First Charter of Virginia, 1606: "in propagating of Christian religion to such People."

b. Mayflower Compact, 1620: "Advancement of the Christian Faith."

c. Charter of Massachusetts Bay, 1629: "Obedience of the onlie true God and Saulor of Mankinde, and the Christian Fayth."

d. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, 1639: "to maintain and preserve the liberty and purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

e. Articles of Confederation of the United Colonies of New England, 1643: "to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ."

f. Constitution of Virginia. 1776: "the duty we owe to our Creator...the mutual duty of all to practice Christian forbearance."

g. Declaration of Independence: "endowed by their Creator...the Supreme Judge of the world."


Our national monuments clearly proclaim America's Christian heritage...

...the Washington Monument. The form of the Monument recalls ancient Rome and Greece, but at its topmost point, inscribed on the aluminum tip of the capstone, is the Latin phrase Laus Deo -- "Praise be to God." Along the stairway to that height are 190 carved tributes donated by states, cities, individuals, associations, and foreign governments. The blocks resound with quotations from Scripture -- "Holiness to the Lord" (Exodus 28), "Search the Scriptures" (John 5:39), "The memory of the just is blessed" (Proverbs 10:7) -- and such invocations as, "May Heaven to this Union continue its Benefice."


The Treaty of Paris, signed on September 3, 1783, ended the Revolutionary War between Great Britain and the United States and its allies.


The Treaty opens with the following words:


"In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity."

(2) Christine Ballengee ignorantly argues the First Amendment...

Apparently Ms. Lam has not read the First Amendment. It reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

Ballengee, like the majority of Americans, is ignorant about the First Amendment. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution explicitly forbids the federal government from designating an official church for the United States, or interfering with State and local official churches which were common when the First Amendment was enacted. In other words, the federal government could not force American colonists to be members of the Church of England or any other state religion; and could freely worship in the Christian church of their choice.

(3) Lalitha Kanumuri arrogantly repeats anti-Christian propaganda learned from schoolbooks teaching fake history...

An entire population, Native Americans, had already settled in various regions throughout the nation…I would encourage her to view her claim through a historical lens, particularly her vexed mentality that America is a Christian nation…Lam’s conflated notion that America should reside as a monotheistic nation exercising the persecution of other religious beliefs would be hypocrisy of the highest degree.

Kanumuri put words in my mouth. Nowhere in my letter do I talk about persecuting false religions. And she implies that since the Indians were here first, they had permanent possession of the land.

Unfortunately, even some professing Christians believe the Pilgrims robbed Indians of their land. They contend that there is no scripture to support the Pilgrims possessing America. Alas, they are willfully ignorant of the Word of God.

Anyone with basic Bible knowledge knows that God promised Abraham the land of Canaan. And it would be through Abraham’s seed that God would bring salvation to the world. However, before possessing the Promised Land, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 430 years. Then God called Moses to deliver them out of Egypt, and lead them to Canaan.

And anyone with basic Bible knowledge knows that Canaan was not uninhabited. On the contrary, wicked peoples inhabited it. And the Israelites could not possess Canaan till these peoples were dispossessed of the land because of their wickedness (Genesis 15:16).

Moreover, what evidence is there that the American Indians – specifically, the Wampanoags – were the first and rightful owners of Plymouth and other New England colonies? In other words, what evidence do the Wampanoags have proving they were the original inhabitants of America? Or did they invade America and rob the land from other peoples? Did they massacre a pre-existing tribe to gain possession of the land?

Additionally, at the Tower of Babel, because of the pride of the Babylonians, God confounded their language and scattered the peoples over the face of the earth. Briefly, after the Flood, God commanded Noah and his sons: “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Genesis 9:1). Instead, they journeyed to the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there. They refused to scatter. They built Babylon and the Tower of Babel “lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth” (Genesis 11:4). Therefore, the confounding of their language resulting in scattering across the earth was punishment for refusing to obey God’s command to “replenish the earth.”

Simply put, the Wampanoags’ ancestors came from Babylon. God did not create the Wampanoag Indians and place them in Massachusetts. They migrated from Babylon. 

Additionally, the descendants of Noah, including the Wampanoags, had knowledge of the one true God – monotheism. However, their pride caused them to believe man could do whatever they imagined – humanism. So, they built a Tower symbolizing human arrogance.

Therefore, the American Indians, including the Wampanoags, descended from Noah. But they corrupted the truth about God, and created their own god: a “Great Spirit.” The “Great Spirit” was all-powerful, wise, and good; but Indians also believed in many inferior spirits, some good and some evil. Often they worshipped the evil spirits most because they felt the Great Spirit would not hurt them for he is good. On the other hand, Indians felt if they didn’t pray to the evil spirits, they might get mad and harm them. Clearly, they rebelled against the true God and were heathens.

Because the Indians strayed from God, He willed the Pilgrims and Puritans to possess the land, and preach the Gospel to the Indians. And the Wampanoags did not resent the Gospel. The Pilgrims and Wampanoags were on friendly terms. In fact, the Pilgrims believed it was divine providence that brought Squanto back to America after being captured and sent off as a slave.

(4) Kate Brunk hypocritically wrote "love our neighbors"...

I think the only betrayal of the embodiment of love has been made by Ms. Pansler Lam in stating that the “Hate Has No Home Here” sign is merely politically correct. It is a call to action: a call to return to the great commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves.

This sign promotes open borders to those who hate Christians…and want to destroy us!

It is devilish to prefer hostile strangers over your American neighbors!

It is devilish to desire the death of fellow Americans and the moral, economic, social, and political destruction of America!

Brunk is a hypocrite! She prattles on about loving our neighbors as ourselves…but she favors hostile strangers that hate her American neighbors.

Nowhere does the Bible command us to prefer strangers and their interests to the welfare of our homeland.

And nowhere does the Bible command us to allow strangers to destroy our Christian heritage.

We betray God if we refuse to fight for our Christian land, our Christian heritage, and our Christian culture.

(5) John Wing devilishly alleges all gods are the same...

Most people in the world worship one God. Many believe that the same God inspired all of the major monotheistic religions…Islam recognizes the entire Bible as Holy Scripture. Regardless of how one views the Koran, we can respect Muslims for respecting the Bible. Baha’is recognize scriptures of all major monotheistic religions, in addition to more recent guidance from God in scriptures by the Bab and Baha’u’llah.

All religions do not all worship the same God. Do Muslims believe that Allah and the Christian God are the same? NO. Muslims do not respect Christians! Their battle cry is “Death to infidels!” Is Wing ignorant that Muslims slaughter Christians?

(6) Michelle Bardales devilishly advocates a polytheistic America...

Lam’s idea that Christianity holds supremacy over polytheistic religions in America is false, discriminatory, and counters the American principle for the freedom to practice one’s own religion.

Do I even need to discuss this reply?

Do you will feel the fire and fury of hell against Christians and Christian America?

Do you hear the voice of antichrist trying to silence the voice of Christ?

Wake up, Evangelicals!

Christian America is under attack.

Christian Americans are under attack.

Rival cultures and false religions are working to destroy our Christian nation. And we must not join hands with them. If we forsake God and His statutes, He will take our inheritance away from us, will cast us out of His sight, and will bring evil upon us (2 Chronicles 7:19-22).

True Christians who refuse to embrace Islam, Catholicism (worship of Mary), Hinduism, Buddhism, New Age Occultism, and other false religions are bullied, insulted, intimidated, belittled, slandered, and suffer other persecution.

Now is the time to boldly protect and preserve Christian America.

We must remain true to our religious, moral, and constitutional roots.

Resist inclusion.

Resist the New World Order.


O Ye Hypocrites!

Hate Has No Home Here” is a sign of the New World Order.

Hate Has No Home Here” is an attack on Christian Americans.  

The intent of the sign is to label the cause of preserving Christian America as hate speech and bully Christians into submission to polytheism and perversion.

This is the spirit of antichrist.

The "Hate Has No Home Here" sign is actually hate speech against Christian Americans.

O ye hypocrites!


January 2018
Liberty Advocate


Make America
ian Again