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Liberty Advocate




In Trump We Trust:
The Duty of Presidents and Government Officials
 to be God’s Shepherds;
and Our Duty to be God’s Sheep


Karen Pansler-Lam, J.D.


Many Christian Americans have put their trust in President Trump. They believe the Lord will use the President to restore Christian America.

For years, we were led astray by past presidents who hated America and loved globalism. And while in the presidential office, they did everything possible to destroy our Christian heritage and destroy our Christian nation: advance immoral laws, push politically-correct globalism, and other wicked government acts.

Instead of American patriots, past presidents were global politicians. They were not true shepherds. They were bad shepherds. Instead of protecting America and Americans, they sought to increase their selfish global ambitions and power. Instead of gathering the flock, they scattered the flock by demanding “diversity.” They hated American patriotism and our Christian heritage.

But we called upon the Name of the Lord…

And He raised up preachers to call upon Christians to arise from their apathy, go to the polls, and vote against those leading our beloved Christian homeland toward destruction.

And now we put our trust in President Trump.


President Trump is Required by God to Act as a Shepherd

The President of the United States is required by God to act as a shepherd. The shepherd is used frequently in Scripture as illustrative of kings as leaders of the people.

For example, the Lord promises to restore the Israelites to their homeland after a period of exile in Babylonia and Persia. This will be accomplished by the Lord, who will use King Cyrus of Persia as an instrument in His plan.

That saith of Cyrus,
He is my shepherd,
and shall perform all my pleasure:
even saying to Jerusalem,
Thou shalt be built;
and to the temple,
Thy foundation shall be laid.
Isaiah 44:28

Cyrus was required to be a shepherd, and lead God’s flock back to its old pastures.

Reverend George Rawlinson explains chief rulers are viewed as shepherds entrusted by God with a flock:

The whole world is, in a certain sense, God’s flock, and the various chief rulers who hold authority over different portions of the human race are rightly viewed as shepherds entrusted by God with the care of this or that division of the flock which is primarily and really his.
The Pulpit Commentary (London and New York: Funk & Wagnalls), “Isaiah,” v. 24, 61.

President Trump, as the chief executive of the United States, holds authority over America and is a shepherd entrusted by God with the care of Americans.

Rawlinson continues…

A true shepherd seeks the good of his flock, not his own good. He is watchful, vigilant, wisely provident. He seeks to benefit his flock, not to pleasure them. Oftentimes he must check their desires, restrain their wanderings, keep them back from alluring pastures, confine them to high regions, where the herbage is short, scant, and far from succulent. He must be specially careful of the weak and sickly, and of such as have suffered any hurt. He must spare no trouble or pains to secure, so far as he can, the well-being of every sheep and lamb committed to his charge.

As a shepherd, President Trump must seek the good of his flock - Americans. He must be watchful, vigilant, wisely provident. He must watch over the old and the young. He must honor and care for those who are wounded fighting for our freedom – veterans. He must take great care to secure the well-being of every sheep and lamb committed to his charge. This includes seeing the lambs – children – are given a true education, not globalist indoctrination.

As a shepherd, President Trump is charged with seeking the best interests of American citizens, including protecting them from internal and external enemies.

Specifically, a shepherd is charged with the well-being of the flock entrusted to his care. For example, he must defend the flock from beasts of prey. In Old Testament days, towers were sometimes built for the double purpose of spying an enemy at a distance, and protecting the flock: such towers were erected by Uzziah and Jotham (2 Chron. 26:10; 27:4). Uzziah built towers in the wilderness to protect his flocks and shepherds against attacks from robbers and beasts of prey, such as wolves. He took all possible care to fortify his country.

Likewise, as our shepherd, President Trump must take all possible care to fortify America, and defend Americans from enemies who prey on us – wolves. As our shepherd, he must warn us of dangers and protect us. As our shepherd, he must spare no trouble or pains to secure, so far as he can, the well-being of every American citizen committed to his charge.

In sum, President Trump is clothed with an important trust - he is elected to administer the government of the United States. And it is his duty to be God’s shepherd: lead, protect, govern, and provide for our welfare. And like a shepherd, he must watch the entrance of the fold throughout the night, acting as porter. He must be ever watchful of protecting us from our enemies who wish to destroy America.

And what is true respecting President Trump is true respecting every government official – high or low level. Every person who fills an office of rule is a shepherd, acts in the position of God and is under obligation to safeguard the interests of the people.

Every government official, including President Trump, is required by God to act as a good shepherd.

Every good shepherd seeks the best interests of American citizens, including protecting them from internal and external enemies.

But a bad shepherd fails to seek the best interests of American citizens.

And a bad shepherd welcomes ravenous wolves into the fold to attack the sheep and lambs.


Bad Shepherds

Bad Presidents and bad government officials – bad shepherds - don’t truly care for the sheep. They undertake the shepherd’s office for corrupt and ambitious reasons: grow rich by, pervert justice, destroy the unity of the “United States,” promote communist globalism, and other evil mischief.

Bad shepherds do not use their office as a shepherd to serve Christ by caring for Americans. It is the love of money and the love of the power to destroy our unity that drives them. Moreover, they do not care for the souls of others; and to please evil doers, they bow to their wicked demands.

Indeed, bad shepherds delight in their evil agenda. They destroy national unity by promoting disunity: multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion and other divisive and malicious doctrines. They delight in advancing the moral and spiritual destruction of the American people in the names of “tolerance” and “compassion.” They encourage laziness and discourage industry by rewarding the lazy with unearned income - welfare. Bad shepherds despise our Christian Founding Fathers and our Christian heritage, and work to promote an idolatrous world heritage of false religions. Bad shepherds do not care for the lambs of the flock – the young – and dumb down public education, and indoctrinate our children with anti-Christian propaganda. They hate patriotism – nationalism – and teach our children that Americans must adopt “multiculturalism” and “diversity,” or a world heritage. And they argue that we are responsible for the economic welfare of the world. In other words , they preach globalism - world communism.

In short, bad shepherds hate Americans and America.

Beware of bad shepherds!


Bad Sheep and Good Sheep

When things go wrong in America, the sheep put all the blame on bad government officials - the bad shepherds.

But the sheep also have their share of the blame. Past presidents and government officials could not have done so much harm if we had not been so indifferent and passive.

And then there are the bad sheep...

Bad citizens – bad sheep – promote division and the destruction our American and Christian heritage. They hate Christian America and promote a New America. They despise laws of morality based on Biblical law, and demand immoral laws based on their wicked imaginations. Bad citizens demand a land of licentiousness, instead of a land of liberty. The whining cry, or bleating, of bad sheep is “Don’t judge,” a corrupt misinterpretation of Matthew 7:1 cried by hippies and other spiritual rebels who demand we tolerate, sanction and legalize wicked acts. Of course, they judge us for upholding God’s moral laws! O ye hypocrites!

Simply put, bad sheep hate good sheep - Christian Americans.

Beware of bad sheep!

And beware of bad citizens who are American, but hate America. They do not care about the safety and welfare of their fellow Americans. Shockingly, they demand America’s enemies – ravenous wolves - be welcomed into the flock to attack the sheep and the lambs. They protest all  reasonable efforts to safeguard America.

It is abominable that bad sheep demand we invite those who are harmful, even hostile, to invade our American life. Bad citizens demand that we accept foreign aliens who are terrorists, convicts, lunatics, anarchists and others whose diabolic intent is to sabotage America.


As American citizens, we have important obligations, including the obligation to promote the general welfare, which includes loyalty to the best interests of our fellow citizens, including protecting them from internal and external enemies – wolves. But bad citizens reject this moral obligation to their American neighbors. They wickedly favor foreign aliens who want to destroy our American heritage: who do not want to become Americans, they only want to live in America.

Foreign aliens who refuse to assimilate are enemies of America.

They do not seek to bring their best to America, but seek to take the best from America. They do not come to be a blessing to America; they come to oppress America: demand welfare, refuse to learn English, demand Sharia law, and other acts of malicious destruction.

In years past, public schools did the greatest work of fusing alien peoples into American life. Students sang patriotic songs, recited patriotic poems, celebrated American holidays, and so forth. Now, they are indoctrinated with globalist propaganda such as multicultural literature and songs; and students are not allowed to celebrate Christmas, Easter, and other American and Christian holidays. They are renamed “Winter Holiday,” “Spring Holiday,” and other secular days instead of their rightful celebration as holy days.

Listen, my ancestors arrived in America from Germany in the 1700s. They were Christians. They learned English as their primary language. They adopted American traditions. They did not segregate and cause division by declaring themselves German-Americans. They were Americans.

Moreover, my ancestors were American patriots and zealously supported and defended our nation’s interests. They worked hard and were self-supporting. And some were seriously injured or lost their lives in wars defending our liberty.

For Old World Americans, liberty means freedom from a foreign power. But for New World Americans – those indoctrinated with globalist communism – liberty means allowing foreign aliens to come in and transform and eventually take over our country. It means destroying the Old America and replacing it with an anti-Christian New America as part of the New World Order.

Good citizens - good sheep - know the importance of protecting America’s heritage from being replaced with world heritage. A good citizen holds dear this land of liberty and will take whatever measures are necessary to protect his family, his fellow citizens, his community, and his nation.

But globalists are anarchists who despise America. They despise peaceful, national unity and do not want the government to protect us from outside enemies. They deny God-fearing citizens have a right to peaceable possession of our territory, our property, our homes, our persons, and our rights because they despise law and order. They preach the devilish doctrines of dissension, rebellion, and disorder. Globalists are devils rebelling against God’s Law of national unity and peace. They even desire the success of our enemies. This is not just unnatural, it is devilish.

It is devilish to prefer hostile strangers over your American neighbors!

It is devilish to desire the moral, economic, social, and political destruction of America!

Nowhere does the Bible command us to prefer strangers and their interests to the welfare of our homeland.

And nowhere does the Bible command us to allow strangers to destroy our Christian heritage.

When God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, a large, mixed multitude of foreigners accompanied them.

And a mixed multitude went up also with them;
and flocks, and herds, even very much cattle.
Exodus 12:38

Matthew Henry comments on this multitude of foreigners who later became a snare to the Israelites:

A mixed multitude went up with them, hangers on to that great family, some perhaps willing to leave their country, because it was laid waste by the plagues, and to seek their fortune, as we say, with the Israelites; others went out of curiosity, to see the solemnities of Israel’s sacrifice to their God, which had been so much talked of, and expecting to see some glorious appearances of their God to them in the wilderness, having seen such glorious appearances of their God for them in the field of Zoan, Ps. 78:12 . Probably the greatest part of this mixed multitude were but a rude unthinking mob, that followed the crowd they knew not why; we afterwards find that they proved a snare to them (Num. 11:4 ), and it is probable that when, soon afterwards, they understood that the children of Israel were to continue forty years in the wilderness, they quitted them, and returned to Egypt. Note, There were always those among the Israelites that were not Israelites, and there are still hypocrites in the church, who make a deal of mischief, but will be shaken off at last.

And the mixed multitude that was among them fell a-lusting:
and the children of Israel also wept again, and said,
Who shall give us flesh to eat?
Numbers 11:4

Matthew Henry explains the mixed multitude – the sheep with scabies – infected the flock of Israel.

These verses represent things sadly unhinged and out of order in Israel, both the people and the prince uneasy .I. Here is the people fretting, and speaking against God himself (as it is interpreted, Ps. 78:19 ), notwithstanding his glorious appearances both to them and for them. Observe,1. Who were the criminals.

(1.) The mixed multitude began, they fell a lusting, v. 4. The rabble that came with them out of Egypt, expecting only the land of promise, but not a state of probation in the way to it. They were hangers on, who took hold of the skirts of the Jews, and would go with them only because they knew not how to live at home, and were disposed to seek their fortunes (as we say) abroad. These were the scabbed sheep that infected the flock, the leaven that leavened the whole lump. Note, A few factious, discontented, ill-natured people, may do a great deal of mischief in the best societies, if great care be not taken to discountenance them. Such as these are an untoward generation, from which it is our wisdom to save ourselves, Acts. 2:40 .

(2.) Even the children of Israel took the infection, as we are informed, v. 4. The holy seed joined themselves to the people of these abominations. The mixed multitude here spoken of were not numbered with the children of Israel, but were set aside as a people God made no account of; and yet the children of Israel, forgetting their own character and distinction, herded themselves with them and learned their way, as if the scum and outcasts of the camp were to be the privy-counsellors of it. The children of Israel, a people near to God and highly privileged, yet drawn into rebellion against him! O how little honour has God in the world, when even the people which he formed for himself, to show forth his praise, were so much a dishonour to him! Therefore let none think that their external professions and privileges will be their security either against Satan’s temptations to sin or God’s judgments for sin. See 1 Co. 10:1, 1 Co. 10:2, 1 Co. 10:12 .2. What was the crime: they lusted and murmured. Though they had been lately corrected for this sin, and many of them overthrown for it, as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, and the smell of the fire was still in their nostrils, yet they returned to it. See Prov. 27:22 .

The mixed multitude - sheep with scabies, or rebellious sheep - infected the flock. The Israelites joined themselves to the people of abominations, and were drawn into rebellion against God.

Just as rebellious sheep infected the Israelites, rebellious sheep have infected Americans. Many American citizens join themselves to those practicing false religions and are drawn into rebellion against God. They demand a land of abominations: ecumenism (polytheism, idolatry), sexual perversion, and every other act in defiance of God’s Law.

Rebellious sheep - bad sheep - hate God’s Law.

Bad sheep hate God-fearing Americans.

Bad sheep hate Christian America.

They want to destroy our godly national heritage and replace it with a polytheistic world heritage.

Bad sheep are our worst enemies. They cause political disorder and confusion, and even desire the success of our enemies.

Bad sheep are devils...

It is devilish to prefer anarchy instead of peace and order.

It is devilish to refuse to make America safe from the attack of our enemies.

It is devilish to promote the welfare of hostile foreigners over the welfare of American neighbors in the name of “diversity.”

Diversity is the root of anarchy.

Diversity is the enemy of unity.

Even Jesus acknowledged that divisions end in desolations:

Every kingdom divided against itself
is brought to desolation;
and every city or house
divided against itself shall not stand.
Matthew 12:25

Bad sheep – bad citizens - fail to seek the best interests of the rest of the flock.

And bad sheep welcome ravenous wolves into the fold to attack the sheep and lambs.

Beware of bad sheep!


Jesus Christ, The Great Shepherd

President Trump, as the chief executive of the United States, holds authority over America and is a shepherd entrusted by God with the care of Americans. The President and all other government officials are shepherds, and must give an account to God. It is their God-given duty to protect life and property, repress crime, determine quarrels, right the wrongs, punish offenders, preserve national peace and order, and other acts in the best interests of the American people (Romans 13:1-4).

But the sheep will also give an account to God. As American citizens, it is our godly duty to promote the general welfare, which includes loyalty to the best interests of our fellow citizens, including protecting them from internal and external enemies –  ravenous wolves.

However, both the shepherds and the sheep are under the dominion of the chief Shepherd, or the great Shepherd. Jesus Christ is the great, true, chief, and superior shepherd and both the shepherds and the sheep must perfect their obedience to His holy will.

Now the God of peace,
that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus,
that great shepherd of the sheep,
through the blood of the everlasting covenant,

Make you perfect in every good work to do his will,
working in you that which is well-pleasing in his sight,
through Jesus Christ;
to whom be glory for ever and ever.
Hebrews 13:20,21


March 2017

Liberty Advocate



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