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Liberty Advocate



September 2020



My dear friend,

What are you doing to make America Christian again?

America can never be great again until America is Christian again.

Yes, the presidential election is in November, and you must vote for the candidate who defends our Christian liberty – Donald Trump. As I’ve said previously, despite Paula White’s claim that she led Donald Trump to Christ, he is not born again. For one thing, President Trump does not claim to be a Christian. However, in times of deepest distress God can raise up a deliverer like Cyrus, and in His own way and time rescue His people from all their calamities.

President Trump is not born again and does not even claim to be a Christian even though others pretend he is. But God can use him in a mighty way just as he used Cyrus, the heathen king.

Matthew Henry explains:

Cyrus knew not God as the God of Israel. Having been trained up in the worship of idols, the true God was to him an unknown God. But, though he knew not God, God not only knew him when he came into being, but foreknew him, and bespoke him for his shepherd. He called him by his name, Cyrus, nay, which was yet great honour, he surnamed him and called him his anointed. And why did God do all this for Cyrus? Not for his own sake, be it known to him; whether he was a man of virtue or no is questioned…The reason why God preferred him was for Jacob his servant's sake.


We must never put our faith in politics and politicians. We must put our faith in God. Yes, it’s our Christian duty to be good citizens and actively work to possess the land, lest Communists and other infidels wrest our homeland from us, rob us of our Christian liberty, and enslave us. But we must put our faith in God to deliver us from evil. We must pray that God will send us public servants who will defend our Christian liberty.


Don’t sit and wring your hands in despair. We are engaged in a great spiritual battle for America.

Be bold!

Don’t be ashamed to proclaim that America must be a Christian nation again.

There are so many ways to encourage others to make America Christian again.

For example, don't be ashamed to prepare and post a video on Youtube. I did this week...

Published in : 2020-08-31 | by Karen Pansler Lam
America cannot be a great nation again until America is Christian again. The Bible offers the gospel message of salvation, and it also offers practical political and ...




Am I technologically savvy? No. Is it an award-winning video? No. And I don’t have a good speaking voice, but I am trying to encourage as many people as possible to work to make America Christian again. And don’t get caught up with how many people view it. If you can encourage one person to work to make America Christian again, then all the work you put into it was worth it.

Besides posting the video, here are other ways I encourage others to make America Christian again…

I designed the following sign and put it in my front yard about 2 years ago. It’s there every day of the year except at Christmas and Easter, then I replace it with Christian yard signs for these holy days.

And I have this bumper sticker on my car…

And I wear this t-shirt when I walk in the park or on the beach...

Each of us must work and rebuild America into a Christian nation.

Then America will be great again.

Don't be ashamed to publicly proclaim “Make American Christian Again”!

Starting today, what are you going to do to publicly proclaim “Make America Christian Again”?

Grace and peace,

Karen Pansler Lam, J.D.
Liberty Advocate