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Liberty Advocate



June 2023


My dear friend, 


Evangelicals are hypocrites! They cry out against cancel culture, but where was their outcry when cancel culture madness swept through Evangelical churches years ago?


Saints who disagreed with canceling reverent and holy church culture were bullied, intimidated, shamed, silenced, or run out of the church.


The Old Church culture and voice were canceled.


In the 1980s, leaders of the New Church Order demanded canceling the culture of the Old Church Order claiming it offended the unchurched. They pushed church political-correctness under the guise of evolving cultural attitudes and increasing church membership.


One popular TV preacher defiantly declared: “We want to destroy the Old Church and rebuild it into what WE want!” Of course, this is what he actually meant: “We want a worldly man-led church – a carnal church led by the spirit of man, not a Spirit-led church.”


So, the rebellion began – the hammers of heresy and hatred began tearing down the Old Church Order by canceling the old church culture…


Holiness and righteousness and sanctification and other doctrines were declared offensive and canceled. Preaching against sin was declared a sin.


These Bible doctrines were declared divisive and replaced with humanist doctrines stressing relationships and good works. Christianity was denounced as a religion and called a “personal relationship with Jesus.” But nowhere does the Bible say we must have a "personal relationship" with Jesus. Jesus says we MUST be born again…


Jesus answered and said unto him,

Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
Except a man be born again,
he cannot see the kingdom of God
John 3:3


And the destruction of the Old Church Order by canceling the Old Church culture continued…


The beloved hymns? Canceled.


To justify their cancellation, the New Church Order devilishly lied saying the old hymns were not Scriptural. They were replaced with simplistic, shallow, repetitive, unscriptural songs, often sounding more like sentimental love songs - songs of romance – and “Christian” rock music with a carnal beat.


The King James Bible? Canceled.


It was replaced by progressive “translations.” We were told that doctrines cause division, but hypocritically at the same time told that in keeping with “diversity” we must include diverse politically-correct interpretations.


Wearing our Sunday best in the Lord’s house? Canceled.


False religious leaders mandated in order to make the unchurched (politically correct for unsaved) feel welcome, we must dress down in blue jeans and other causal wear – comfortable clothing – in the Lord’s house. Of course, this is a symbol of rebellion against the Establishment, or established order – the Old Church Order. We were reproved for wearing our Sunday best because showing reverence in the Lord’s house made unbelievers feel uncomfortable.


Sanctity in the sanctuary? Canceled.


Instead of a house of prayer, the New Church Order demanded it become a house of revelry: loud rock music, special effects lighting, large screens, and other irreverent and profane and devilish hype to heighten the psychedelic experience. To be more appealing to the “unchurched,” it must be worldly. Hype replaced the Holy Spirit.


Choirs? Canceled.


The New Church Order demanded choirs be replaced with folk/rock bands, or an entertaining praise and worship team to appeal to the worldly-minded.


And so forth.


You get the idea…


Do everything possible to make it seem like you’re not in church.


Make church fun, awesome, edgy…whatever…but it must not feel like church.


In order to appeal to the unsaved (including false Christians), reverent and holy worship was canceled and replaced with carnal, worldly, irreverent, unholy, profane, blasphemous, impure, unsanctified, false worship.


The New Church Order of false Christians canceled the culture of the Old Church Order.


When the culture of the church imitates the culture of the world, it is an abomination.  It is a profanation of the sanctity of the sanctuary.  It is sacrilege in the sanctuary.


It's time to cancel the New Church Order and revive the Old Church Order.

Grace and peace,

Karen Pansler-Lam, J.D.
Liberty Advocate