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Liberty Advocate




Marijuana and Demons


Karen Pansler Lam, J.D.


Some “progressive Christians” - false Christians - smoke pot and demand its legalization. That is why they push for the legalization of “medical” marijuana…the next step will be a push for the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Modern church theology – another name for hippie theology - preaches we must liberate our minds from ordinary thinking and established doctrines and gain spiritual understanding from personal revelation and enlightenment. And these new states of revelation and enlightenment are reached most commonly by the use of psychedelic experiences, including psychedelic music and dance and drama (so prevalent in the apostate church), and even hallucinogenic drugs such as marijuana.

Simply put, false Christians argue that we can expand our spiritual experiences by psychedelic experiences, including smoking pot. This is wizard Gnosticism, or sorcery. Oh, yes, you’re communicating with spirits…evil spirits!

When you use a mind-altering drug, you open your mind to demons.

No true Christian will ever condone marijuana use – recreational or medical. God warns us: If we defile the temple of God, God shall destroy us.

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God,
and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

If any man defile the temple of God,
him shall God destroy;
for the temple of God is holy,
which temple ye are.
1 Corinthians 3:16,17

And we know His Word is true because the evidence is irrefutable: Those who defile the temple of God bring destruction on themselves. Marijuana breaks down moral barriers, induces hallucinations, causes homicidal and suicidal mania, and temporary madness. Continued use often results in insanity.

Even though this vintage poster uses "it's" incorrectly (should be "its"), it clearly gets the message across that marijuana is the devil's harvest.  Marijuana bears evil fruits: sin, degradation, vice, debauchery, and insanity.

Image result for marijuana the drug from hell

Moreover, when you use marijuana you open your mind to hallucinations, or communicating with spirits…evil spirits.

Undeniably, when you use marijuana, you destroy your mind, your soul, your heart, and your life. The evidence is irrefutable: Marijuana destroys individuals, families, communities, and nations.

Marijuana is destroying Americans and America.

As for “medical” marijuana, it has never been proven to be medically beneficial; it is more likely to be harmful. It may suppress conditions, but it has never been proved to have healing properties.

No true Christian will condone medical or recreational marijuana. In fact, those who advocate its use, God will hold them accountable for the lives it destroys.


Matthew Henry explains that every Christian is a living temple of the living God:

Every Christian is a living temple of the living God. God dwelt in the Jewish temple, took possession of it, and resided in it, by that glorious cloud that was the token of his presence with that people. So Christ by his Spirit dwells in all true believers. The temple was devoted and consecrated to God, and set apart from every common to a holy use, to the immediate service of God. So all Christians are separated from common uses, and set apart for God and his service. They are sacred to him—a very good argument this against all fleshly lusts, and all doctrines that give countenance to them. If we are the temples of God, we must do nothing that shall alienate ourselves from him, or corrupt and pollute ourselves, and thereby unfit ourselves for his use; and we must hearken to no doctrine nor doctor that would seduce us to any such practices. Note, Christians are holy by profession, and should be pure and clean both in heart and conversation. We should heartily abhor, and carefully avoid, what will defile God’s temple, and prostitute what ought to be sacred to him.

Don't listen to the evil propaganda that legalizing medical marijuana is an act of compassion argued by the devil's advocates: doctors, politicians, lawyers, false religious leaders, and others who favor defiling our body - the temple of God.

God calls us to holiness. The Holy Spirit cannot dwell with unholiness. And an act is either holy or unholy. Undeniably, using marijuana is an unholy act. It is defiling the temple of God. Consequently, the grieved Spirit departs and spiritual death ensues. "If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy."

Of course, marijuana use is a spiritual problem. It is an escape from life. Its high gives temporary pleasure to one searching for peace in his heart.  But the hunger for peace which lies in every human heart can never be satisfied without righteousness and holiness.

Are you searching for peace in your heart?...


The first step in having peace is to be reconciled to God.  You must be born again.  You must live in righteousness and holiness. You must be sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit.  You cannot have peace in your heart if the Holy Spirit does not dwell within you. 

(Read Peace in Your Heart @

The hunger for peace cannot be satisfied by using a hallucinogenic drug…opening the door of your mind to unholy or evil spirits.

The choice is yours...evil spirits or the Holy Spirit?


October 2017
Liberty Advocate