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Liberty Advocate






An Open Letter to Bristol Palin 

March 2009


Dear Bristol Palin:


Be silent, Bristol.


Only fools and youth dare to argue with God.


Only fools and youth speak when they should be silent.


Unfortunately, fools and youth act similarly at times.  For example, fools and youth speak when they should be silent.  The fool speaks out of stupidity and thoughtlessness. The youth speaks out of vanity and foolishness. Both the fool and the youth speak out because they have too high an opinion of their notions.  Both the fool and the youth are guilty of foolery Ė foolish behavior or speech.  In other words, the fool and the youth are both guilty of speaking when they should be silent.


Be silent, Bristol Palin.


A young woman clothed in shame should not sit on national television and justify her fornication.


A repentant young woman mourns her sin with weeping and wailing, and sits in sackcloth and ashes.


A repentant young woman goes before the Lord and seeks reconciliation.


A rebellious young woman goes before the nation and seeks justification.


Fools and youth have the audacity to pretend to have accurate knowledge of matters of which they are ignorant. Specifically, youth have the audacity to pretend to have accurate knowledge about sex, but the truth is they are ignorant about it. 


First, youth cannot discern the difference between lust and love. 


Second, youth argue more to feelings and passions rather than reason and sound judgment.


Third, youth base their arguments on experience rather than the law of nature and the Law of God.


Because of limited and inferior knowledge, a youth should listen and learn. 


Listen, Bristol, feeling sexual desire is a sign of physiological growth and should not be confused with full maturity.  Full maturity is multi-level:  physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.  Physical maturity is reached before the other three. Clearly, all four levels must be reached before a young person reaches full maturity. 


A youth is a young person who is between childhood and maturity. Notice that a youth is between childhood and maturity.  When a youth reaches full maturity, he or she is fully developed as evidenced by responsible behavior as a result of sound judgment.


Above all, a mature person bases arguments on facts, not opinion.   Bristol, your case that sexual purity is ďnot realistic at allĒ is based merely on your experience.  Your experience is the sole basis of your opinion that abstinence is not realistic. What foolery! 


When you speak, speak the whole truth, not your opinion.  Your opinion based on your experience carries absolutely no weight of authority. 


Letís talk a minute about your opinion that sexual purity is ďnot realistic at all.Ē Now letís just hypothetically say that someday you marry a good-looking man, and women are very attracted to your husband.  Would you say it is ďnot realistic at allĒ for your husband not to commit adultery with these women?  After all, if we canít control our sexual urges before marriage, we canít control our sexual urges after marriage. Right? So, if premarital sex is justified, then extramarital sex is justified. Right?  Wrong!


Yes, sexual desire is natural and lawful.  But, according to Godís Law, it is only lawful in marriage.  Advocating teen birth control and fornication is not being bold and independent.  Advocating teen birth control and fornication is acting headstrong and rebellious. 


A young woman who rebels against sexual purity is not a maverick or individualist or independent thinker.  A young woman who rebels against sexual purity is a fool, a rebel, and a sinner. Unquestionably, the sinner is defying Godís authority.


Sex before marriage is fornication.  According to Godís Law, our primary source for righteous living, fornication is a sin.  And Godís Law, as clearly expressed in the Bible, condemns fornicators:  they shall not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9, 10).  In other words, fornicators will be judged, found guilty, and sentenced to hell (Revelation 20:11-15). Yes, this is the Law of God as recorded in Godís Word Ė the Bible. 


On Judgment Day, we will all stand before the throne of God and the books will be opened, including the Book of Life, and we will be judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to our works.  "And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire" (Rev. 20:21). 


To illustrate:  Letís say you plead your cause for fornication on Judgment Day.  Your argument is that your fornication is justified because sexual purity is ďnot realistic at all.Ē You have absolutely no Law Ė no Scriptures Ė to support your weak argument, Bristol.  You plead your cause based solely on your experience. And Jesus Christ cannot be your advocate because you have committed the sin of fornication and refuse to repent.  On the contrary, you publicly try to justify your fornication!


Now imagine if you went into a court of law and argued your case based on experience, totally ignoring the law.  You would be severely reprimanded by the judge. Our actions are judged by the law. And Godís Law supersedes manís law.  And Godís Law supersedes our opinion. And Godís Law supersedes our experience.  


Just as in a civil or criminal court of law, on Judgment Day our actions will we judged according to the Law Ė Godís Law. 


In fact, Christ lived among us to teach and preach and be an example of holy living according to Godís Law.  Holy living reflects the highest moral standards as clearly expressed in the Bible. Because Christ represents the highest moral standards - Godís Law - Christians must reflect the highest moral standards.  Christians must lead holy lives: "Be ye holy; for I am holy" (1 Peter 1:16).


And we are warned in the Book of Matthew about those who profess a love of God, but their actions prove the contrary.  Christ warns us,  ďNot every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heavenĒ (Matthew 7: 21).


Be silent, Bristol Palin. Listen.


You are eighteen years old, beyond the age of accountability.  Listen to the following carefully and prayerfully:  Now you are clothed in the filthiness of sin.  You are morally unclean and impure. But you can be cleansed and be clothed in the white robe of righteousness.  Repent, Bristol.  Again, repent and be cleansed and purified. 


Revelation 3:4-6 gives us the blessed assurance that those who overcome their sin:

1)     Shall be clothed in white raiment

2)   Have their name in the Book of Life

3)      Jesus will be their advocate before God the Father and before His angels


Bristol, this is the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the gospel. This is the gospel Truth.


Bristol, a repentant young woman mourns her sin with weeping and wailing, and sits in sackcloth and ashes.  In other words, a young woman that truly repents of her sin has a spirit of humility.


A repentant young woman goes before the Lord and seeks reconciliation.


A rebellious young woman goes before the nation and seeks justification.


Humble yourself before the Lord, Bristol.



Faithfully serving our Lord Jesus Christ,


Karen Pansler-Lam, J.D.

Liberty Advocate