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Liberty Advocate  




Paula White
Pt. 1



Paula White:  Evil Spirit in the White House





Karen Pansler Lam, J.D.





A big black mark against President Donald Trump is the appointment of Paula White as an official member of the White House staff. It is bad enough that she is considered his key spiritual adviser.


White is not only a heretic – she's a kook!

And her demonic ranting and babbling are deeply troubling.


I wonder...


How did Paula White bewitch President Trump into choosing her as his key spiritual adviser?

And how did White bewitch Trump into appointing her as the Advisor to the Faith and Opportunity Initiative?



Heretic in High Heels

The Bible warns us of the coming danger of serious apostasy…

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly,
that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith,
giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.

Speaking lies in hypocrisy;
having their conscience seared with a hot iron.
1 Timothy 4:1,2

Evil spirits work in and through heretical teachers. A heretic is someone who is a seducing spirit and preaches doctrines of devils. Evil spirits are the spirit of falsehood – speakers of lies. They preach lies but declare it Truth.

Heresy does not merely deny true doctrine, it invents and propagates false doctrine. The perversion of truth and godliness is the direct work of Satan’s demons. It is their mission to lead people away from sound doctrine. Satan is not omnipresent. So, the prince of darkness enlists the help of an innumerable host of wicked, deluding spirits to preach false doctrines and deceive as many as possible. Satan is busy at work building his kingdom of darkness by turning as many as possible away from the faith, or Truth.

In other words, Satan and his demons war against true Christianity by infiltrating the Church and preaching and teaching lies as Truth. These seducing spirits lead us away from sound doctrine with their doctrines of devils.

Paula White is a seducing spirit that preaches and teaches heresy to lead us away from sound doctrine. Her doctrines of devils include:

If you give her money, then God will give you a vision.

If you tithe a covenant seed to her, then God will return it greatly multiplied to you in spiritual and material rewards. In other words, if you give her money, God will reward you with health and wealth. This is known as the Prosperity Gospel.

Jesus was a sinner and descended into hell before God resurrected Him.

Jesus was not God’s only begotten Son; He was the first fruits. We are all begotten sons and daughters.

We are little gods.

And other doctrines of devils…

White preaches doctrines of devils to bewitch us into believing a false gospel.

And, unfortunately, President Trump exalted her to a place of honor in the White House, thereby aiding her in spreading a gospel of lies.

Interestingly, the President denounces fake news, but endorses White’s fake good news – a fake gospel.


Paula White Bewitched Donald Trump

On October 31, 2019 – Halloween – President Trump announced the appointment of White as an official member of the White House staff with the Office of Public Liaison as the Advisor to the administration’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative. Was it just a coincidence that White’s appointment was announced on Halloween?

Halloween or All Hallows Eve is rooted in demonology. The main celebrations of Halloween were purely Druidical when Samhain, lord of death, led a host of evil spirits into this world. Halloween is a night when the Devil and demons rejoice. It is a festival for demonic spirits.

Isn’t it interesting that heretic Paula White was given such a high religious position in the White House on a demonic holiday?

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against
against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual
wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12

Satan and his demons certainly rejoiced on Halloween when White was exalted in the White House to a position that would open many doors for her to spread doctrines of devils. Alas, President Trump put his seal of approval on her devilish doctrines! And because of his presidential endorsement, she is welcomed into many churches and makes guest appearances on television programs, even though they might have despised her before. They flatter her only because she is an official member of the White House staff.

Sadly, many Evangelicals just don’t care. They shrug their shoulders and think it doesn’t matter.


Because President Trump appointed White as the Advisor to the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative, she is invited to preach heresy far and wide! She can bewitch more and more people with her devilish doctrines!

Paula White is a heretic.

Paula White is an evil spirit.

If you watch briefly any video of her preaching or teaching, you will immediately discern she is not guided by the Holy Spirit. We are influenced either by the Holy Spirit or unholy spirits – evil spirits. Evil spirits can influence the mind through pressure, suggestion, and temptation.

But evil spirits can go beyond influence…

One can be demon possessed.

It is important in considering the function of evil spirits in Satan’s kingdom to distinguish between demon influence and demon possession, or control.

Merrill F. Unger explains demonic influence in Biblical Demonology:

Demonic influence may assume a great variety of forms. Its sign is always a departure from the faith, or the body of revealed truth, and may manifest itself in open apostasy (1 Tim. 4:1), or in doctrinal corruption and perversion of the truth, evident in a multiplicity of cults and sects, producing Christian disunity (1 John 4:1-2). Demon influence in doctrine leads to corrupt conduct and practice (1 Cor.10:16-22), resulting in worldliness (2 Tim. 3:4) and uncleanness (2 Peter 2:10-12). (p.101)

Demon influence and demon possession are not the same. In the case of demon possession, the person is actually invaded, the body inhabited, and dominating control is gained. Anyone – including a true believer – can be demon possessed if he opens the door to evil spirits through the occult (occult movies, visions, trances, Ouija board or other devilish games, Freemasonry, rock music, and other demonic powers).

O Christian, never open the door to the occult!

White is not just under demonic influence; she is demon possessed. She is a priestess of Satan. She chants incantations instead of prayers, speaks lying divination, expounds devilish doctrines, pretends to special anointing and visions, bewitched Donald Trump into allowing her a spiritual position in the White House, speaks in demonic tongues (as opposed to Biblical tongues), and other works of demon spirits.

And where does she get the supernatural energy and zeal traveling to and fro promoting her devilish doctrines? She’s at the White House, on television, appears at conferences and churches, and other endless activity. Such supernatural energy to spread heresy can only come from a demonic source.

And Donald Trump gave this demon-possessed woman a seat of honor in the White House?


The New Apostolic Reformation, or Dominionism

Paula White is part of the spiritual cult the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), which is the New Church Order. Watch video15-00""Season of Apostolic Reformation"-pt.1- Pastor Paula White6.1K views · Jan 1, 2012YouTube › Paula White Ministries

They are false apostles – seducing spirits – who thrust themselves into the apostolic office declaring God wants to do a “new thing.” They say “hear the word of the Lord” when they have neither seen nor heard any “new thing.” They pretend to be His messengers, but the Lord has not sent them, has not given them any orders for a New Church Order.


These false apostles despise the Bible as divine revelation. They pretend to have new and greater personal revelations that supersede the Bible. They pretend to have instructions from God but He never revealed any “new thing” to them. God never spoke any such thing.

The New Apostolic Reformation is a rebellion against true Christianity. It is actually the New Apostolic Rebellion. And it's promoted as a “new thing” by demon spirits. Again, God never gave them orders for a New Church Order.

The New Church Order is an army of demons in the Church warring against sound doctrine, reverence, holiness, and all Truth. The leaders proclaim that God is restoring the lost offices of Prophet and Apostle. Specifically, these leaders proclaim they alone have the special knowledge, power and authority to execute God’s plans and purposes to fulfill the destiny of the Church – the New Church Order. Of course, they have appointed themselves the head of this New Order, a global church they will govern.

The NAR plots to make the Church the most important institution of the time, with its “apostles” and “prophets” in every area of life. In other words, the head self-anointed apostles and prophets are working for Dominionism. They want to have the power of the Roman Catholic Church that dominated the Medieval Ages. They want to transform America into a nation ruled by their false apostles and false prophets: a Dominionist pope and papacy.

The “new” apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation – Dominionists – emphasize dreams, visions, and extra-biblical revelation instead of the Bible. They claim their revealed teachings and alleged direct communication with God, visits by angels, etc., cannot be proved by the “old” Scripture because God is doing a new thing. This new thing – the New Church Order – will usher in a worldwide revival to set up a physical Kingdom of God on earth. They teach that the Second Coming of Christ will not take place until the Church has gained control of the earth’s governmental and social institutions.

According to the Bible, there are preachers and teachers of the Holy Scriptures. That is, they preach and teach the Bible alone. They do not preach new truths outside of the Bible that are revealed to them in dreams and visions. This is the occult “science of religion.” This is theology, not Biblical Truth. Avoid theologians and their occult theology.

Paul warns us in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15…

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers,
transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers
also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness;
whose end shall be according to their works.

We must not blindly follow false apostles and false prophets who deny the authority of the Bible as the complete Word of God. And that is what the NAR apostles and prophets do: they deny the Bible as the complete Word of God. They claim to get their knowledge of God and His plan and purpose for the Church from dreams, visions, trances, and other occult experiences.

This is their devilish strategy to set up a global church they will govern…

First, denigrate the “old thing” – authority of Scripture alone, doctrines, and other Biblical instructions to the true Church. Praise revealed knowledge from trances, visions, and other occult experiences as a way to know God instead of Bible knowledge.

Second, denigrate the music of the Old Church Order – reverent hymns and sacred gospel songs teaching Biblical doctrines. Replace music of the Old Church Order with music of the New Church Order – “Christian” rock ‘n’ roll and “Christian” pop songs. Make sure they are ecumenical – no Bible doctrines – so they appeal to everyone and offend no one.

In sum, the goal of the NAR is the same as hippieism: liberate our mind and change our thinking about what we believe. The intent of ecumenism and experientialism is to get us to rebel against the established church: sound doctrine and reverence – the Biblical church. Once we rebel against the Biblical church, we can be seduced into believing the NAR claim of infallibility, and submit to their demand of dominion over the churches and us. The NAR claim of infallibility and the demand to have dominion over the churches – and dominion over us – is like the Roman papacy. It is a Dominionist papacy.

Like the Roman papacy, the Dominionist papacy demands that all men submit to its authority over all church matters.

Like the Roman papacy, the Dominionist papacy believes it has jurisdiction over all believers, and has the right to govern them.


Satan wants to have us in his possession, and under his control. So, he’s using the false apostles of the NAR to bring us under his dominion to dominate us.

Beware of Paula White and the other false apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation.


Try the Spirits

The Bible tells us not to believe every spirit…

Beloved, believe not every spirit,
but try the spirits whether they are of God:
because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
1 John 4:1

A Christian must test every spirit. And it is our Christian duty to test White to see whether she is the spirit of Christ, or the spirit of antichrist – an evil spirit. 

Paula White’s devilish doctrines and demonic babbling are evidence she is an evil spirit: “we come against the marine kingdom…the animal kingdom…we command satanic pregnancies to miscarry”…! Watch video1-35We come against the marine kingdom, we come against the animal kingdom.131 views · 4 months agoYouTube › j j  This is demonic babbling! And don't be deceived by her ranting against witchcraft to fool you into believing she is not a demonic spirit.

And President Trump endorses and promotes her demonical rants and doctrines of devils?

Shame on President Trump.

And shame on fake religious leaders who endorse her: Jentezen Franklin, Franklin Graham, T.D. Jakes, Greg Laurie, Robert Jeffress, Jerry Falwell Jr., Rodney Howard Browne, Kenneth Copeland, and other false preachers.

Beware of preachers endorsing Paula White!

And shame on television networks who either air Paula Today or invite her to appear as a guest: Daystar, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Black Entertainment Network, and others.

Beware of  television networks endorsing Paula White!

And shame on denominations and their ministers that endorse her: Assemblies of God, Church of God, Baptists, and others.

Beware of denominations endorsing Paula White!


When they endorse her, they endorse her doctrines of devils. It’s a package promotion: the person and the heresy.

Can’t you see Satan and his demons dancing with devilish delight because White is endorsed by the White House and “Christian” ministers?

And because these fake ministers flatter and endorse White, many Evangelicals are deceived and believe her doctrines of devils.

O foolish Christians, Paula White has bewitched you!

O foolish Donald Trump, Paula White has bewitched you! You not only invited this seducing spirit into your house, you welcomed her into the White House! And you appointed her as the Advisor for the Faith and Opportunity Initiative!

Of course, this is evidence that despite White’s claim that she led Trump to Christ, he is not born again. For one thing, White herself is not born again and preaches devilish lies. And if someone other than White converted Trump and he were a born-again Christian, then he would not have given her a seat of honor! A Spirit-filled Christian knows she is a seducing spirit out to destroy the Church and true Christianity.

Paula White's devilish doctrines and demonic babbling are evidence she is an evil spirit.


Dominionism is Demonomy

Demonomy is the dominion of demons. The word “demons” comes from the Greek daimonion. The mission of the Devil and his demons is to have dominion over us.

One of Satan’s diabolical schemes to get dominion over us is through trickery and deception. Remember that Satan can appear as an angel of light, and his ministers appear as ministers of righteousness. Dominionists are often Charismatics who open the door to demon spirits through occultism: visions, trances, and other occult spiritualism. Evil spirits can enter the body and dominate the mind manifesting itself in “holy laughter” (actually unholy laughter), writhing like a snake, crawling on all fours and barking like a dog, roaring like a lion, and other demonic manifestations. And Paula White is a Charismatic Dominionist.

As explained earlier, Dominionists are scheming to set up a physical kingdom on earth. They teach the false doctrine that the Second Coming of Christ will not take place until the Church has gained control of the earth’s governmental and social institutions. But nowhere in the Bible does it either expressly state or imply the Second Coming of Christ will not happen until we set up a literal and physical Kingdom of God on earth. The doctrine of Dominionism is a doctrine of devils.


Under the guise of Christianity, Dominionists are trying to set up a government of demons, or demonomy. And they are trying to gain control of America’s governmental and social institutions. Paula White is a key player in setting up this dominion of demons. Never underestimate the diabolical and devious trickery of the Devil in getting Trump to make Dominionist Paula White the Advisor to the Faith and Opportunity Initiative…

(iii) The Advisor shall make recommendations to the President, through the Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, regarding changes to policies, programs, and practices that affect the delivery of services by faith-based and community organizations.

(iv) Executive departments and agencies (agencies) that lack a Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiative shall designate a Liaison for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives as a point of contact to coordinate with the Advisor in carrying out this order.

(v) All agencies shall, to the extent permitted by law, provide such information, support, and assistance to the Initiative as it may request to develop public policy proposals.


The Centers for Faith and Opportunity Initiative (CFOI) at the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) engages faith-based organizations and community members to maximize their participation in policies, partnerships, and funding opportunities, and minimize regulatory burdens that interfere with their First Amendment freedoms.

It is the policy of this administration to encourage faith-based organizations to participate in policies, federal grants, and other opportunities. DOL recognizes that faith-based organizations have a sterling record in promoting the common good. No matter their goal, whether to aid trafficking victims, help drug addicts break the cycle of addiction, provide education to the underserved, or assist prisoners reentering the workforce, faith-based organizations are meeting and exceeding the needs of their communities every day.

America was founded as a Christian nation – a nation of Christian liberty. And it should return to godly government. But the New Apostolic Reformation wants to transform America into a Dominionist nation. And now they have one of their evil spirits – Paula White – in the White House advising 13 federal agencies to propagate the dark kingdom of Dominionism.


The Holy Spirit warns us that in the last days many will be deceived by seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly,
that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith,
giving heed to seducing spirits,
and doctrines of devils.
1 Timothy 4:1

Notice that it says in the latter times some shall depart from the faith. It does not say some shall depart from church. The falling away from the faith is the apostasy of “Christian” churches – the apostate church. These churches give heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.

The word “devil” is a diminutive from the root “div,” from which we get the word “divine.” It means “little god.” And one lie preached by Dominionists, including White, is that we are “little gods.” 

Paula White declares...

“I have every right and authority to declare the White House as holy ground because I was standing there and where I stand is holy.”
1-15RWW News- Paula White Says The White House Is 'Holy Ground' Because 'Where I Stand Is Holy'6.8K views · 10 months agoYouTube › RWW Blog

Paula White must be ousted from the White House!


Partakers of White’s Evil Deeds

The Apostle John warns if we bid God speed to professors of devilish doctrines, we are partakers of their evil deeds:

Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God.
He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.

If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine,
receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:

For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.
2 John 9-11

The Bible clearly warns us we are partakers of White’s evil deeds if we support or encourage her. We must be on our guard and not welcome her into our home to lead us away from the Truth. No, we must not welcome her or help her or encourage her. And we welcome her into our homes if we watch her on television or social media, buy her books, and other affirmative acts. In other words, we help make her a success.

Don’t welcome Paula White into your house just as you would not welcome any evil spirit into your house!

And don’t welcome White into your church!

She is a seducing spirit preaching doctrines of devils!

Every person that applauds Paula White is a partaker of her evil deeds.

And every partaker of her evil deeds will be held accountable – even President Trump.


The Sin of Omission

What are you going to do about an evil spirit sitting as special advisor in the White House?

Are you just going to sit there and do nothing?

Or are you going to stand up for the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Right now…

Write Trump by mail or email demanding White be ousted from the White House.

Then warn your family and friends about White’s diabolical Dominionist plot in the White House, and encourage them to write the President demanding her evil presence be removed immediately.

If you’re a pastor or other church leader, warn your flock and exhort them to warn their family and friends about White, and urge them to write the President demanding her immediate removal.

And denominational leaders must denounce White and have nothing to do with those who endorse her.

The Bible tell us…

Therefore to him that knoweth to do good,
and doeth it not,
to him it is sin.
James 4:17

You know it’s the right thing to speak out against Paula White.

If you don’t write President Trump and warn others, you are committing the sin of omission.

Paula White is a demon-possessed heretic.

And she is sitting in the White House!


On Halloween 2015, Paula White-Cain posted this picture on Instagram with the message:
 "Little Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf."
The Big Bad Wolf is her rocker husband Jonathan Cain.



June 2020
Liberty Advocate  





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