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Liberty Advocate



Poems by 

A.E. (Blues) Moore



Florida Holiness Campground

Lakeland, Florida



His Church


"I'll build my Church," the Master said,

And the gates of hell can't prevail.

It will be made of people like you and me,

Whom the Devil would assail.


Churches today are made of things

Like brick and wood.

Where thousands of people gather each week,

For they know that God is good.


This is what the Church is made of,

It's those that love the Lord.

Who gather together to praise Him,

And worship in one accord.


Who take hold of the horns of the altar,

And pray and seek God's face.

Who stay on their knees and keep praying,

No matter how long it takes.


We are building these great big churches,

The biggest in the town.

But if the Spirit cannot enter,

Then Christ will not abound.


Where we have done away with prayer meeting,

We call it Bible study today.

I think it would be more pleasing to God,

If we would pray and let Him have His way.


We think we will win our people, 

With suppers and all those things,

We need to get more serious,

And get ourselves back in the swing.


To the place where we call on Jesus,

And seek Him first, as the Scripture said.

Of telling the world about Jesus,

And the reason He arose from the dead.


You would think God dwelt in big temples,

For we build them up to the sky.

But God only works through the blood washed,

Who will surrender to Him and die.


I read in the Psalm of David,

As he prayed to God on high.

Lord, the heavens of heaven can't contain Thee

And no building can't keep You nigh.


For it is in the heart of Your people, 

Those that live in this house of clay,

You said You would come and dwell there,

So, we invite You in today.


The building may catch on fire,

And many will burn to the ground,

But into the hearts of Your children,

There is where You will be found.


It's sad to see these churches,

What beauty to behold,

But when you step inside of them,

They seem to be so cold.


Lord, come with Your Holy Spirit,

And meet our heart's desire.

Come, Oh! Come Holy Spirit,

And set Your church on fire. 



Thank God For Little Things


I thank God for little things,

Like birds that sing in the trees.

Like morning skies and butterflies,

That flutter on golden wings.


The children who always seem contented,

As they play from day to day.

Who bring smiles to the weary traveler,

As they hurry on their way.


For the flowers that bloom all around us,

What beauty as they sway in the breeze.

You made them all for our pleasure,

As we pick them on bended knees.


The smile of someone who loves us,

And someone who says, "I love you."

And to know that You walk beside us,

You are there to see us through.


There are those in this world that we live in,

That cannot see all these things.

For their eyesight has been gone since childhood,

And these things no beauty will bring.


Some may never hear the song of a robin,

Or the buzzing of a bee.

They will never hear the laughter of children,

They are not as fortunate as we.


I know that sometimes we are not thankful,

We need to than Him for everything.

If we do, He will show us His glory,

And the joy salvation can bring.


He never promised a garden of roses,

He said, "You know that I care,

So why not lean heavy upon Me,

And let Me your burden to bear?"


For fretting may come in our presence,

But you have to put it aside.

For I said, "I'll never forsake you,

For that's the reason I died."


"For you know I said, I'll go with you,

I'm there when you get to that place.

And when you need help for the journey,

Just look up and you will see My face"


I'm glad for the presence of Jesus,

For He is my strength every day.

Like David, His presence is with me,

He is walking beside me all the way.


So you see, why I want to praise Him,

For all those things that He has done?

I am glad that I came to know Him,

For He is God's only Son.


So what if it is cloudy or dreary?

Or darkness sometimes hides His face?

I know that His presence is near me,

And I must finish the race.


There's loved ones who are waiting in Glory,

And old friends I'm longing to see.

I'm looking forward to that meeting,

Oh! What glory that will be!




The Devil's Web


Did you ever watch a spider

As he spins a web?

The reason that he does this,

Is that he may be fed.


He sets a trap for insects,

And waits out of sight.

Hoping something will get caught

In it so he can have a bite.


I've thought how old split hoof

Would do the same for me.

He weaves a web all around us,

And we can't really see.


The web is hid from human eyes,

And where it can't be seen.

He watches  us as we strut about,

For he is very keen.


He paints a pretty picture,

But sin is in the lurch.

Go ahead and try it,

You know it cannot hurt.


He never lets us look ahead

And see the other side.

We then partake, then it is too late,

It's like committing suicide.


His web he weaves around us,

It starts with one small strand.

Our appetite grows stronger,

Then he has his man.


Just take one bit, the woman said,

It really will do no harm.

He took a bite, just one small bite,

And then he lost the farm. 


Just take a look, no one will care,

He said to David there alone.

And so, he did, but God did see,

He almost lost his throne.


You see, my friend, when you once sin,

One will start another.

If the drunken man had never

Touched that first drink,

He would not be in the gutter.


But, I am here to tell you,

No way do you have to sin.

He died that He might save you,

You can be born again.


Don't let the devil fool you,

If he does, your chances are slim,

Just say, "Get thee behind me, Satan,

I'm going to follow Him."


For life is short, it will soon be gone,

We will soon give up the ghost.

The things that are done for Christ will last,

For they will count the most.


As you enter Heaven's gates,

And it will be a thrill.

You made it through with Christ the Lord,

With the devil at your heels.





Hang On


What do you do when you have reached the end,

And the end is over a slope?

Jesus is there when it seems we might fall,

And throws us a life-saving rope.


We take hold of the rope, it's our only hope,

Tie a knot and hang on to it.

We cannot let go, or we will drop below,

And land in a bottomless pit.


But who is on the other end, but our dearest friend,

Saying, "Hold on, and I'll pull you out."

So we hang on to life, through trouble and strife,

It's no time to complain and pout.


Yes, I've been there, and so have you,

You have come to your very end.

When it seems that all around has gone wrong,

No use to try to pretend.


Friends cannot help and life seems all in vain,

And there's really no place you can turn.

Don't let go of the rope, it's our only hope,

Even though it may burn.


And it seems that our arms are about to break,

But please don't ever let go.

Just take a new grip, you cannot let it slip,

In His time, He will be there to help, you know.


So, don't get discouraged, just start to sing,

It will give you strength to hold on.

Just tie a new knot, keep looking above, He will not let you go, my friend.

I can hear Him say, "There is a better day, my child, please hang on, I say."






Lord, give me faith to trust in you,

And to believe your holy Word.

You said if we had faith as a mustard seed,

Or even as a bird.


For you take care of the sparrow,

And you provide their need.

How much more are we than a sparrow,

We came from Adams' seed.


Give us faith, so we can move mountains,

And faith that will not sway.

So we can walk in this world of sin,

And trust you day by day.


I know we get in a hurry,

Sometimes we run ahead.

And we forget to trust in you,

And to listen to what you said.


Give us faith that will not waver,

So that we can stand the test.

Help us to do what we can do,

And let you do the rest.


If we can never change it,

May we commit it all to you.

For you alone can help us,

When there is nothing more we can do.


So, teach us, Lord, to wait on Thee,

It's the only way to go.

In all we do or say each day,

As we travel here below.



You and God


God and yourself are a majority,

With Him you can never go wrong.

If He asks you to do something,

He is there to make you strong.


The Devil can't stand up against Him,

He will soon be driven away.

But you must depend on the Father,

That is why we need to pray.



Worship Him


I never can quite understand,

When God begins to move.

How those who profess to know the Lord,

Can sit still in the pews.


I think that they have been rocked to sleep,

By the devil and his crowd.

They have enough religion,

And they think they are His child.


So, the devil starts a rocking,

And pampers them long.

They lose the blessing in their soul,

And even lose their song.


But they go through the motions,

They know the language, too.

But when God's presence moves right in,

It puts them in a stew.


If they cannot serve the Father,

And give Him all the praise.

If their hearts are not overflowing,

As their voices to Him they raise.


They need to hit the altar,

And lay it at His feet.

To pray and pray till the light breaks through,

And salvation is complete.


We will worship in His love divine,

Yes, worship Christ our King.

There will be no half-hearted Christians,

As we, His praises sing.


We will sing and shout forever,

To the Lord upon the throne.

For He alone has bought us,

We are His very own. 


So, why will you be so miserable?

Let Jesus have His way.

Rejoice, be glad and worship Him,

And be looking for that day.


And when around the throne of God,

With the choir we will sing.

And worship Him forever,

Jesus Christ, the coming King.


So, don't look down and be so sad,

For there is a better day.

I'm going there, won't you come along?

Where we shall forever stay.



The Songs of Zion


I love the songs of Zion,

No modern hymns for me.

I guess I'm just old-fashioned,

As you can plainly see.


They took the hymn book out of church,

Don't need them anymore.

We've got this new kind of singing,

You never had before.


So we stand up, cannot sit and sing,

For you cannot clap your hands.

But I cannot hear the words they sing,

All I hear is a band.


And so we stand for hours,

And we sing a word or two.

We sing them over and over,

Till they get hold of you.


The people sing and rock about, 

It looks just like a dance.

It makes them feel so good,

And that's a different slant.


I guess I've grown accustomed,

To the songs of long ago.

How Jesus' blood can wash me clean,

And make me white as snow.


I've leaned upon the old hymn book,

For they wrote them from the heart.

And now they live within me,

And never shall depart.


The precious hymns of long ago,

They have been proven to be true.

In times of joy and sorrow,

They tell me what to do.


Saints who have gone before us,

As the last breath they would take.

And in voice so soft and sweet

As they begin to sing, 

"Will the circle be unbroken?"

"I'm going to see the King."


"When we've been there ten thousand years,

Bright shining as the sun.

We've no less days to sing God's praise,

Than when we first begun."


And then the angels flew right down,

And carried them away.

And this will be the dawning,

Of a sweet and perfect day.





Commit your way unto the Lord,

In the Scripture, this is what it said.

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He will guide your way ahead.


And lean not on your own understanding,

Cause you can't think like God.

Commit and trust it all to Him,

He will spare the rod.


When things begin to happen,

You cannot change it anyway.

So, why not commit it all to Him,

And you will see it pays.


For God is always previous,

No matter what you do.

When you put your trust in Christ the Lord,

He is there and He will see you through.


When things go wrong and heartaches come,

And you cry out to Him.

He is there, He is always ahead of you,

So don't fret, it leads to sin.


Delight in all He's done for you,

And give to Him the praise.

For fret cannot stay around,

As your voice to Him you raise.


And really learn to trust Him,

Lean hard on Him each day.

Then trouble soon will vanish,

As you hurry on your way.


And then there is rest,

How we need to learn to put all in His care.

And patiently wait and hold right on,

For He will answer prayer.


And do not fret as men of earth,

They prosper, so it seems.

But they shall soon be cut off,

And also their wicked schemes.


So, trust in the Lord with all your might,

And let your voices raise.

Commit your ways, delight in Him,

And give Him all your praise.


And so, I place the Lord today,

I'll put Him in the center.

I'll put my trust, and I'll rest in Him,

In His sweet will I will enter.


It's the only way to live for Him,

Rest fully in His Word.

Just trust Him for today, my friend,

Tomorrow, He is there, please observe.


So the secret is this, just trust Him,

Don't worry what's up ahead.

For He will go before you,

This is what He said.


And so today I'll commit it all,

He knows just what is best.

I'll supply the man each day,

And He will do the rest.



Look Up Not Down


There's bad news all around us,

It could fill your heart with fear.

But those of us who read God's Word,

Can see His coming near.


He said that things would get worse and worse,

And they surely have today.

But to those who are looking for His coming,

It's getting nearer every day.


He said time will come someday,

When brother will turn against brother.

It's because Satan is on the loose,

These people have no other.


It you're looking to the media,

To find some happy thought,

There's nothing there to encourage you,

For money has them bought.


And please don't look to Washington,

For it is in a mess.

For we have the best politicians money can buy,

So put this thought to rest.


We hear of wars and rumors of wars,

It's all because of greed.

But Jesus told us long ago,

These warnings we should heed.


The church is getting colder,

They're trying to make it easy.

For people to make it into heaven,

We have become people pleasers.


With all these things that are happening,

It makes me draw more near.

For I'm looking every moment,

When His coming shall appear.


I'll not let earthly pleasures,

Dim my vision in any way.

For I must keep my eyes on Him,

I must watch and pray.


But, see I'm not discouraged,

For He promised in His Word.

That He would come and take us home,

It's the best news that I've heard.


So, don't get faint-hearted,

Just keep looking up to Him.

He said, "If the righteous scarcely shall be saved,"

Then our chances could be slim.


So, we must keep on praying,

Read the Word and seek His face.

It will take all the effort that we have,

To keep on in the race.


One day it will all be over,

And we will stand before the King.

Then we will look back and praise His Name,

How He kept us from all these things.


And so I want to praise Him,

For keeping me each day.

I'm not discouraged, I'm homeward bound,

I'll meet you there, I pray. 





The story from the Bible,

I'm sure that you know.

How God told Joshua,

To take old Jericho.


He told them to march around it,

7 times is what God said.

Then start to blow them ram horns,

Till your face is red.


Then just leave everything to me,

And after the last sound.

By my mighty power, 

I'll make those walls tumble down.


'Cause I made those stones,

And on Me you can trust.

I'll blow My breath upon them,

And they will crumble into dust.


God is still in the wall-crumbling business,

I am here to say.

God can break those walls in pieces,

So call on Him today.


If there are walls of prejudice,

You better ask the Lord.

]To help you get over them,

According to the Word.


You cannot pray over them,

And you cannot pray around.

You better stay on bent knees,

Till He shatters them to the ground.


We build walls against our family,

And God's not pleased with this.

You better make things right with them,

Or pearly gates you will miss.


We had better get our house in order,

And start to make amends.

We cannot hold a grudge against others,

For God will not be our Friend.


For if there is sin down in our heart,

We better confess it out.

For God will reveal it at the Judgment Bar,

There isn't any doubt.


In God's Word it tells us,

We need to confess to one another.

That's if we have ought, we better make it right,

between a sister or brother.


You may hide it from the people,

And you think that no one knows.

But the glow you had is vanished,

You really have been exposed.


So if you want the victory,

Just confess it all to Him.

Let Jesus come and cleanse our heart,

And take away all sin.


Then you can have the joy bells,

A ringing in your soul.

Because you gave it all to Him,

And He is in control.


And oh the joy of serving Him,

And walking in His love.

To have such sweet communion,

With the Father up above.



You Can Know


If today were the last day of your life,

What changes would you make?

Would you have to ask forgiveness,

Or would it be too late?


Would you have to make restitutions,

Or return something you took?

Would you make sure your sins are covered,

And your name is still in God's Book?


If this is where you are today,

And your salvation is not secure.

You had better talk it over with Jesus,

And stay on your knees till you are sure.


For we never know each passing moment,

When God shall call us home.

If you have sin in your life,

You will stand at the Judgment alone.


You will hear the words, "Depart from Me,

For I never knew you."

If you put your sins under the blood,

He will forgive, for His Word is true.


The old will die and the young may die,

And this is oh so true.

So keep your house in order,

In case He calls for you.


You can have a "know so" experience,

And know He lives within.

And know that the blood has been applied,

And you are free from sin. 


You need Him now to live in your heart,

And feel His presence divine.

And have peace and contentment,

And His love will be sublime.


Just to know that He is there beside you,

Every moment of each day.

And to walk in the sunlight of His love,

As you travel on your way.


You must meet Him in the morning,

In the quietness of the day.

Then He will walk beside you,

And guide you on your way.


You can have the full assurance,

Of His love and tender care.

And when you lay your head on your pillow at night,

He will be there.


And if by chance He may call you home,

And awake in heaven above.

You will be glad you turned it all over to Jesus,

When you see Jesus and those you love.


So, let go and let God have His way in your life,

Make sure that all is well.

For heaven will be worth everything,

Such beauty no tongue can tell.



The Old Country Church


Come along and go on a journey,

Back a long, long time.

To that little old church by the side of the road,

Where singing was so divine.


Or that little white church in your town,

Or anywhere that it may be.

Where God's presence filled the rafters,

As God's children sang with glee.


It was every Sunday morning,

Or anytime the doors were open wide.

People walked for miles all around us,

With children by their side.


Folks called this a Sunday-go-meeting,

For they reverenced God's holy day.

All work was stopped, everything stood still,

Where folks came from all parts of the country,

To worship God and pray.


Where Church took first place in our living,

When revival was the thing of the day.

Where the old mourner's bench was reverenced,

For it was here people found God as they would pray.


It was there Brother Jones, the town drunkard,

Who lived this way day after day.

But when God's people got under the burden,

Asked God to save him and take his sins away.


He cared not for wife nor children,

For in his life Satan had control.

But God kept on his trail like a hound dog,

'Till he cried for God to make him whole. 


They prayed for the thief and the gambler, 

And the ones who thought they were alright.

God came with power and glory,

As they knelt there, what a beautiful sight.


The old town took on a different meaning,

But God wasn't through with men yet.

For many made restitutions and confessed out

And paid their back debt.


People came and surrendered to Jesus, 

Those in business couldn't understand.

But they liked what they saw, and many repented,

And accepted God's redemptive plan.


Now the old country church is still standing,

Decaying from without and within.

But God is still able to move once more in our presence,

Our cry ought to be "Lord, do it again!"


We can never go back to the old Country Church,

But is God not the same today?

God never moved but it is we who moved,

Lord, move in our midst we pray.


We've let little things into our lives,

And have become our heart's desire.

Lord, we ask that you come,

And once again take first place in our lives,

And Lord, "Please send the fire."


Would you come Holy Spirit, and consume us,

And help us as you did in days gone by?

That your presence would fit us for service,

And set our hearts on fire.



Lord Use Me


The fields are white,

But the laborers are few.

You may ask, "What can I do?"

"I'm too old to go, so I won't be sent,

I'll just stay home and be content."


"Be content," you say as millions die,

And millions more in darkness lie.

And wondering why we never came,

To tell the lost of Jesus' name.


I can't go to do Your work,

But help me that I might not shirk.

To do my part in reaching the lost,

To see them saved at any cost.


To give of my means so others may go,

In a way that You have told us so.

In as much as You have done it unto these,

I'll give of my best, so that You might be pleased.


To give to them the Living Bread,

So others in heathen lands may be fed.

That the Word may be preached in a distant land,

Help me Lord to do as much as I can.


Help me support all those that go,

So others might learn to love You so.

To pray for others as they hear the call,

Help me, dear Lord, to give You my all.


And when I reach that distant shore,

I'll be home forever more.

I'll receive my reward for all I've done,

By reaching the world with my little sum.


Of helping others this I pray,

To help them find the narrow way.

May others behind me pick up the task,

Grant it, dear Lord, is all I ask.



God Built a Bridge


When sin entered in the garden,

Man was in despair.

The gates that led to Heaven were closed,

And he could not enter there.


God's plan for man was broken,

And all was in disarray.

So God set a plan in motion,

To redeem man from decay.


He clothed them with skins of animals,

This only clothed the outer part.

And the blood of animals sacrificed,

Never reached what was in the heart.


So mankind down through the ages,

Never found a remedy for sin.

Till God's Son came and died on Calvary,

That man might be born again.


A bridge was built from earth to Heaven,

To redeem man who was lost.

Twas the only path that leads to glory land,

The way of the old rugged cross.


Good deeds is not the answer,

For we have nothing to offer for our sin.

The only way you can cross over,

If you have been born again. 


No longer is there a separation,

For Christ built a bridge to cross.

It is for those who will confess and receive Him,

If not, you may be lost.


It's the only way to Heaven,

None other can be found.

To those who take Him at His word,

You will be Heaven bound.


The Cross, the Bridge, it's the only way,

Good deeds can never do.

I'm glad I made the journey,

How about you?



Failure Is Not Final


Failure is never final,

If you're down, get up again.

Pull the curtain down on what happened to you,

He will help you, on Him depend.


God and you are a majority,

Let nothing stand in your way.

You can't go back to yesterday,

But today is a brand new day.


Old Satan may try and detour you,

And bring back the failures of the past.

Tell him they're under the Blood of Jesus,

And you are free at last.


You must keep your eyes on Jesus,

Never lose sight of the goal.

You're not turning back, keep on pressing,

For Christ is in control.


You may be in the valley,

And darkness be all around.

Don't look back, keep on moving,

You will soon reach higher ground.


The path may be rough and rugged,

And rivers that are wide and deep.

He will never forsake His children,

He loves you, for you are His sheep.


Soon you will reach the top of the mountain, 

And the valleys will all soon be past.

Ain't you glad you never let failures stop you?

You have reached your journey's end at last. 



Let God In Your Church


They stood beside the burning church,

One cold December night.

Crowds gathered all around here,

My, what a sight.


I stood beside a gentleman,

Who kinda grinned and said.

I've never seen so many people at this church before,

I believed what he said.


It was a chilly night, so I replied,

This church was never on fire.

For God was left out, though He tried to get in

Couldn't make it, not even in the choir.


I thought about this incident,

And what took place that night.

On Sunday when the doors open up,

God is nowhere about.


They go along with the bulletin,

A prayer,  a song or two:

A sermon about the love of God,

That He loves everyone like you.


For you are only human,

You can make it on your own.

If you need help then, call on Him,

I'm sure He will answer the phone.


No change of life still, no repentance,

Just try and mend your ways.

We're all headed for the same old place,

Keep struggling, we will get there one of these days. 


If the church where you are attending,

Doesn't preach and condemn sin.

And tell you that you must repent,

And you must be born again.


You better pull your membership,

And go where they preach the Word.

Where God is real and is able to save,

It's the best news you ever heard.


Where God moves in, and your heart is stirred,

And is allowed to move about.

Where praises are sung and souls are saved,

And you can even shout.



Entering 2012


Today I stand here and looking

Into the darkness of another year.

I know that I will enter it,

But I am facing doubt and fear.


I do not know what lies ahead for me,

But I know what I left behind.

And so these things keep on haunting me,

I can't get them off my mind.


There are no answers to those who do not know Jesus,

'Cause ahead there is only darkness and fear.

But to those who love and serve Him,

Know how He led them last year.


For we were in the same situation,

And we made it, as you can see.

He said, "Don't worry about what lies ahead

Just trust and follow Me."


I don't know what lies in the future,

But He is my Friend and Guide.

If you let Him guide your pathway,

He will take care of all that besides.


There will be times when 

darkness overtakes you,

And you cry, "Lord, I can't see my way."

Then He gently takes our hand in His,

And we soon see the light of day.


On this journey you may grow weary,

And it seems your strength is almost gone.

But ahead there is light in the tunnel.

And your heart breaks forth in song.


You must trust Him 'till the end of life's journey,

'Cause there are times you may stumble and fall.

If you cry out to Him, He will help you,

For God loves us and cares for us all.


And someday when this life is over,

And it is time to take your journey home.

When all seems darkness and you think He has forgotten

He will be there, for He cares for His own.



Bag of Sin


I met a man the other day,

Who was traveling along life's road.

He looked so tired and weary,

On his back was a heavy load.


I said "Good morning" to him,

But he just kept traveling on.

He was like others I had met that day

That tired and weary throng.


I finally stopped a stranger

Who carried that heavy pack.

I asked him what was inside

Of the pack upon his back.


He looked at me with a tired, weary look

And I felt sorry for him.

Said the pack I carry on my back

Is loaded with sin.


When I started down life's sinful path,

This sack was very light.

But one sin led to another
It's because I turned from the right.


As I walked along life's highway,

There were choices along the way.

I did not choose the narrow road,

But took the broad highway.


And now I've become so weary,

I didn't know how to turn back.

Can you tell me is there a way

For me to get rid of this heavy sack?


I said to that weary traveler

There's hope for you today.

Just turn around and go back again

To the straight and narrow way.


You will come to a place called Calvary,

There you will see a man on a cross.

It is he who can take your burden of sin

And cleanse you from all of your dross.


If you would have looked

When you came down that road,

You would have seen that man on a tree.

But you were too consumed with the pleasures of life,

To see Him who died for thee.


But be thankful that He loved you so much,

That you could return again.

And He will lift the load off you

And bury all those sins.


As far as the east is from the west

He promised to take our sin

And cast them in the sea of forgetfulness

Never to remember them again.


And there in God's sea of forgetfulness

He cast that load that you bore.

Off limits you cannot enter here,

You cannot fish here anymore.


You've been there and so have I

Carrying a load of sin.

But when you met the Master

In a moment was born again.




Christmas Poems



Old-Time Christmas


Christmas is so much different,

Than it was in days gone by.

Let's go back about sixty years,

My doesn't time fly?


When you wanted a Christmas tree,

You had to go and cut your own.

But what a thrill to trudge through the snow,

And get chilled down to the bone.


So with an ax and saw we went our way,

Looking for the perfect one.

The sky was getting darker,

It was crowding out the sun.


The first tree that we came to, 

Was a beauty to behold.

But we kept right on looking,

Now our hands and feet were getting cold.


After all the hunting, we came back

To the the first one that we saw.

Then we tried to cut it down,

Finally gave it over to Pa.


We tried a rope around it,

And headed back home again.

But we finally made it,

Me and my brother Jim.


We placed it in the corner,

And tied it to the wall.

We knew if the kids would pull at it,

It may even fall.


We decorated it with homemade paper chains,

And strings of popcorn balls.

And when we placed the star on top,

We will all filled with awe.


Then Mother took the Bible down,

And read from God's Own Book.

How shepherds on a hillside heard angels singing,

In wonder they did look.


They said today in Bethlehem's manger,

A Child is born today.

Make haste and you will find Him,

In a bed of hay.


We heard this story many times,

But it always thrills us so.

That God gave His only Son,

To save men here below.


Then Daddy fell upon his knees,

and thanked our God above.

For giving Christ the Redeemer

To show us perfect love.


We never heard about Santa Claus,

Even though it was the season.

But we learned why Christ came to earth,

To die, this was the reason.


I never want to forget those days,

I want to keep them in my heart.

That Christ, our blessed Redeemer,

Is ALL of Christmas, and not just a part. 



Christ Not Santa Claus


Many decorate their homes,

They are trimmed and burning bright.

With Santa Claus and snow men,

They work from day till night.


And they tell their children,

That they must do right.

If they fail to listen and do good,

Santa won't come on Christmas night.


All the fussing that they do,

About a man and his reindeer,

Don't they know it's Christ's birthday

That we celebrate down here?


Don't they know

that Jesus came on that starry night?

Angels sang about His coming to earth

Shepherds were afright.


Angels told the shepherds,

If they would go, they would find,

A Child born in a cattle barn,

God sent Him here on time.


Christ the blessed Savior,

Born to set men free.

Came to earth to pay the price,

There on Calvary.


Walked down here with sinful men,

Taught men how to live.

And if we follow Him each day,

Eternal life would give.



Unto Us a Child is Born


Isaiah saw it long ago,

As he gazed down through the pathway of time.

A Redeemer would come to save His people,

And say, "These beloved are mine."


He called the Savior wonderful,

A Prince of Peace would be.

He would come to save His people, 

And set the captive free.


He said about His Kingdom,

That there would be no end.

Upon the cross He established it,

It's for you and I, my friend.


But the Jews did not accept Him,

For He never fit the mold.

For Christ was not what they were looking for,

Didn't match what the prophets had told.


They were looking for a king,

Who would set their nation free.

Not a common criminal,

Who was hung upon a tree.


Even though he was a super human,

And they saw Him everyday.

He who touched blinded eyes,

And calmed the mighty waves.


They were looking for a conquering king,

Deliverance he must bring.

But the miracles He did day by day,

Just didn't mean anything. 


But I am glad that we can look back,

And see the coming King.

When He shall return back to earth,

Deliverance to His children bring.


Then He will set up His Kingdom,

And peace shall reign forevermore.

And we shall sit at His precious feet,

There on heaven's shore.


But the Jews still sit in darkness,

At the wailing wall.

They pray their prayers and plead to God,

As on Him each day they call.


They pray for their deliverer,

Which was promised to them by the prophets long ago.

But He has been here and gone back home,

But they really didn't know.


'Twill be a sad day when He comes again,

It's then they will see their King.

Those who did not accept Him then,

Will miss out on everything.


Many missed His first coming into this world,

And many will miss Him again.

Unless they have accepted His salvation.

And forgiveness of sins.


Lord, will you come quickly,

And set up your Kingdom again?

For we are your people and we are waiting Jesus,

To this we say, "Amen."



Is He Your King?


There was much excitement,

There is Bethlehem.

There were rumors in the street,

People just could not understand.


Someone said a king was born,

In Bethlehem that night.

In a lonely manger,

Somewhere out of sight.


Mary was the mother,

And Joseph was the father.

There was nothing ever good come out of Nazareth,

So why even bother?


Shepherds all excited,

Left their flocks of sheep.

Tells how angels awoke them,

For they were fast asleep.


Heaven's choirs singing,

Announcing "Peace on Earth."

Prophets long time told it,

Of the Savior's birth.


There among the cattle,

In a stable clean.

Born the Man called Jesus,

One who would redeem.


Bringing hope to all mankind,

Jesus, "Lord of lords."

John saw Christ much different,

He is "The Living Word."


So we need to worship Him,

Christ the living King.

He who came to save us,

Full salvation bring.


Just lay your gifts before Him,

On this Christmas Day.

Give Him self and all you have,

It will surely pay.


He owns everything we have,

So why not let it go?

Yield it all to Christ the King,

How He loves you so.


Yes, I give myself to Him,

I lay it at His feet.

Take me, use me, in Your work,

Make my life complete.



Thank God for Christmas


We need to tell our children and grandchildren

What a Christmas was like back then.

They think it is all fairy tales,

Though we tell it again and again. 


How daddy would go hunting

For our Christmas tree.

He would say, "How about this one?"

And we would all agree.


We trimmed it with homemade things,

It was a great delight.

No electricity in the house,

So we never had any lights.


But we were very happy, 

For all the things we had.

What a glorious Christmas,

With me and mom and dad.


Never got much on Christmas morn,

Maybe a toy or two.

Nowadays children get so many,

They don't know what to do.


Some homemade fudge or a candy cane,

Or hardtack made by mom.

But oh the joy that filled our home

Christmas was so much fun.


Early Christmas morning,

We would gather by our tree.

I can see it now as of yesteryears

With daddy read about Christmas to me.


All about the first Christmas,

When a little babe was born.

There was no room in the inn for Him

So they spent the night in the barn.


 I felt so sorry for the babe,

I wonder how He kept warm.

This King of kings and Lord of lords,

Who was born in a barn.


What a contrast in what we had,

And what kids have today.

We charge and charge to buy toys and things,

Never thinking we will have to pay.


We can't get near the Christmas tree,

For gifts are piled up high.

And some don't even tell the little ones

About the angels in the sky.


And all about the shepherd

And wise men from afar.

Who traveled many days and nights,

By camel, not by car.


It's not the same as yesteryears.

But God is still the same.

I still love and adore Him

I'm so glad that Jesus came.


Even in this land of plenty,

Let's praise Him everyone.

For God's precious gift to all mankind.

In the giving of His Son.


I cannot live in yesteryears,

I must live for Him today.

I can still see Christ as a baby

Asleep on a bed of hay.


He came as a babe in the manger,

What gladness to us did bring.

One day He will split the eastern skies,

When He comes as King of kings.



Christmas Dispels the Darkness


When God created the heaven and earth,

In darkness it did dwell.

He commanded sunlight to appear,

And the darkness did dispel.


Men love the darkness better than light,

They think they can't be seen.

But God can see day or night

And even in between.


The known world was lost in darkness,

Even God's chosen ones.

But on that night when Christ was born,

God gave to us His Son.


John saw him there at Galilee,

"Behold the Son," said he.

John the Baptist saw the Lamb of God

Who could set all mankind free.


Wherever Jesus went, His light did shine,

No darkness was in Him.

At Calvary He paid the price,

That set men free from sin.


God's people walked in darkness,

And on that Christmas night.

A babe was born in Bethlehem

Who was The Shining Light.


That Shining Light still shines today

And brings new hope within.

He who is the Lamb of God was slain,

To take away our sin.


The Lamb of God, The Shining Light

Can reach from shore to shore.

And bring new hope to those in sin

And cleansing forevermore.


Lord, Help us on Your blessed day,

To remember why You came.

The precious sacrifice for sin,

Who on the cross was slain.


When we see the lights at Christmastime,

And presents under the tree.

May all these things fade from our view,

And Jesus only see.


May we give you praise and honor,

And thank the Holy One.

Who gave to us the greatest gift of all,

Your one and only Son.



Into the Presence of Jesus


He was born in a humble stable,

Cattle were everywhere.

But on that blessed Christmas night,

There was music in the air.


For on a lonely hillside,

Shepherds kept their sheep.

There beside the fireside,

Some were fast asleep.


Suddenly above them,

The night became like day.

Angels started singing,

As they made their way.


To the lonely shepherds,

Just above their heads.

Sang about a Savior,

Lying in a bed.


They said to one another,

Let us go and see.

What is taking place tonight,

And they did agree.


So o'er the hills and valleys,

Came the shepherds grand.

Looking for the Christ child,

There in Bethlehem.


When they reached the stable,

In a bed of hay.

Christ the blessed Savior,

Born just as they heard the angels say.


They were struck with wonder,

Their hearts were filled with joy.

Mary held Him in her arms,

Her precious baby boy.


In a great big city

On one cold, cold night.

Lay a lad all alone,

As the stars shone bright.


Like the lonely shepherds, 

Trying to keep warm.

In a makeshift building

To protect him from the storm.


He was very lonely

Since mommy went away.

Yes, about a year ago,

She died on Christmas Day.


He looked up to heaven,

And saw a glorious light.

Angels came from realms above

And took him home that night.


Into the presence of Jesus

Where he would live for aye.

He too found the Christ child

Born on Christmas Day.


No more cold, cold nights alone,

Looking for food to eat.

He was in the home of Jesus

Sitting at His feet.


When mommy went and left him,

She said, "I'll see you in heaven someday."

And today they have been reunited

Glorious Christmas Day.