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Liberty Advocate



Religious Scoundrels on YouTube


Karen Pansler Lam, J.D.


I don’t watch many “Christian” YouTube videos anymore. Why? There are too many religious scoundrels.

Let me explain…

First, most go a whoring after money and interrupt their programs with ads. It’s not only annoying…it’s irreverent. If you are discussing God’s holy Word, then why would you interrupt a holy discussion for financial gain? This is like interrupting a sermon or Sunday school lesson with ads.

Of course, they justify monetizing their channels by saying it will go to missions, YouTube makes money off their channels so why shouldn’t they, and other excuses. The bottom line is that it is irreverent to interrupt preaching and Biblical teaching for profitable gain. Some justify it by saying they don’t make much. Well, if they make a pittance, they prostitute themselves for a small amount – cheap prostitutes. They are cheap social media whores.

Secondly, some “Christian” YouTube channels practice cancel culture. My comments have been deleted several times.

For example, I watched Becca Eller Bowen’s Why is Christian worship music often so shallow? - YouTube I agreed with her. So, I posted a comment agreeing and links to two of my articles:

Apostate Songs (

Christian Rock 'n' Roll: A-whoring After the Devil's Music (

My comment was deleted!

I thought maybe there was a computer error, so…I posted it again. It was deleted again!

So, in accordance with Matthew 18:15, I posted another comment asking why she deleted my comments. I asked her to reply if she disagreed with my statements, or keep my comment posted.

She didn’t reply.

She deleted it!

How rude!

How unchristian!

Beccca is a teacher at Peoria Christian School in Illinois. Undeniably, this is unchristian conduct for a teacher in a Christian school, and sets a bad example for her students. Her rudeness is a violation of the Golden Rule (Matt. 7:12; Gal. 5:14), and contrary to the command of Christian courtesy (1 Pet. 3:8; 1 Pet. 2:17).

Incidentally, she has ads on her videos. She is a social media whore.

Becca Eller Bowen is a religious scoundrel!

Now on to other religious scoundrels...

Recently, I watched Long For Truth video Lakeland: The Godless Revival - YouTube rebuking Todd Bentley. Even though there was ad after ad after ad, I watched the entire video. I agreed with what Daniel and Robin Long said and posted a comment explaining my hometown is Lakeland, attended the false revival, and wrote what I saw and heard. And I posted a link to my article, “Todd Bentley Revival: Rebellion Against God’s Law” Todd Bentley ( Within minutes my comment was deleted!

So, I posted it again…deleted.

I posted a third time…deleted again.

I checked out their Facebook page for more information about them. It’s troubling. According to a July 13 post, “Sentence diagramming may seem boring. But it truly is an integral part of rightly dividing God's word.” A link was posted to Steven Long’s article, “Rightly Divide! Why You Should Learn the Lost Art of Sentence Diagramming.”

By the way, the URL for one of his posts about sentence diagramming is

“Aliens among u”?

On July 19, they posted a video series on sentence diagramming supposedly to help us read and understand the Bible. I commented...

Karen Pansler Lam
This is wrong! The Holy Spirit helps us to read and understand the Bible.

They replied…

Long For Truth
Karen Pansler Lam then why use pastors and teachers?

I replied…

Karen Pansler Lam
Your answer has nothing to do with diagramming sentences. Do you really believe Martin Luther would sit around wasting time diagramming sentences? Ludicrous! And do you believe the Holy Spirit does not help the lay person to read and understand the Bible? This is contrary to Jesus' promise: "Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. " (John 8:31,32). Matthew Henry comments: "It is a gracious promise of Christ, to all who continue in his word, that they shall know the truth as far as is needful and profitable for them. Christ's scholars are sure to be well taught."

They did not delete it…they filtered it – hid it. They hid my reply so anyone viewing the comments does not see my reply unless they click on “All comments.” Daniel and Robin and Steven Long lie about rightly dividing the Word and hide the truth! Every born-again Christian knows that it is the work of the Holy Spirit that helps us to understand the Word.

And they have ad after ad after ad on their videos. They are social media whores.

Daniel and Robin Long are religious scoundrels!

On the other hand…

Sometimes people will send me one of Frances Swaggart’s posts asking what I think. And even though I’ve written several articles exposing Jimmy Swaggart’s false gospel, I agreed with Frances' May 31 Facebook post that we should dress our best for church…

Karen Pansler Lam
Some people argue that God doesn’t care how you dress, even for church – appearance doesn’t matter. Well, He cared about the appearance of the animals Israelites presented for a sacrifice…

Thou shalt not sacrifice unto the Lord thy God any bullock,or sheep, wherein is blemish, or any evilfavouredness: for that is an abomination unto the Lord thy God. Deuteronomy 17:1

So, why would we present ourselves in God’s house as a living sacrifice with tattoos and body piercing; jeans (rebellion against reverence); tennis shoes, shorts, flip flops, other play clothes; and other sinful or disrespectful “blemishes.”

We must offer our best appearance when we present ourselves in His holy house. Women should adorn themselves in beautiful dresses, and men in suits made from beautiful material. From "The Bible is Clear: Our Appearance Matters"

But in a second comment, I pointed out her grandson and posted a picture...

Karen Pansler Lam
I guess this doesn't apply to Gabriel Swaggart? I have seen numerous pictures of him in jeans and T-shirt "ministering" to Crossfire youth. And Crossfire youth are dressed in the Crossfire uniform (Crossfire T-shirt and jeans). Of course, the Swaggarts make money selling youth the T-shirts. O ye hypocrites! Years ago, Jimmy denounced Christian contemporary music as entertainment. So, have you seen Swaggart’s SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN)? Minimal worship...lots of mediocre contemporary Christian entertainment.

Neither comment was deleted.

Then on July 13, I posted a comment on Frances’ Facebook page disagreeing with her.

Karen Pansler Lam
Adam and Eve did go to heaven. Frances, you claim, “We see no repentance by Adam or Eve, nor do we see them expressing faith.” We do see repentance and see them expressing faith. Adam and Eve’s home was pious – they had an altar, and they taught their sons to worship God. Our first parents were fallen creatures, but still pardoned sinners, who, having believed the Divine promise, became partakers of the Divine mercy.

It was not deleted.


In 2020 I wrote about dirty apologist Tim Chaffey who kept deleting my comments on his blog and he lied about doing so. Dirty Apologist: Hiding Biblical Truth (

But back to YouTube…

As a side note, if you’re going to make a public appearance on YouTube presenting the blessed Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, you need to look your best. You are an ambassador for Christ. Just because you make a video of yourself in the privacy of your home, when you appear on YouTube, then it’s a public appearance - you're standing on a public platform.

For example, look at Becca Eller Bowen. I have a love-hate relationship with vlogging... - YouTube  She is a slob. It looks like she just crawled out of bed. She is too lazy to look her best for a public appearance. What a poor role model for her students and viewers.

And I can’t say much more for Robin Long. She is too lazy to look her best for a public appearance. And the fireplace mantle over her head is distracting and disorderly. A godly housewife makes her home clean, tidy, comfortable, attractive and homey. She should read “The Godly Housewife: A Forgotten Ministry.”

As for Becca and Robin's slovenly personal appearance, both women should read “The Bible Is Clear: Our Appearance Matters" Appearance Matters (

And Daniel Long wears baseball caps and T-shirts. As for baseball caps, it is bad manners for men to wear a hat in someone's home. It is a longtime sign of disrespect. So, if you come into my home – even via video – the courteous thing is to remove your hat as a sign of respect. Daniel also wears T-shirts with graphics or writing. Viewers are distracted wondering what they say or mean. Nothing should detract from Biblical teaching. For instance, he wore this T-shirt in Beware of Jesus Calling - YouTube  ...

What? This is disturbing.

It’s as disturbing as Pirate Christian Radio Chris Rosebrough’s pirate logo and lingo. Rosebrough is the pastor at Kongsvinger Lutheran Church, Oslo MN, AALC (American Association of Lutheran Churches).

A pirate has nothing to do with Christianity. Besides, "pirate" has evil definitions and dark connotations. Rosebrough alleges that “pirate” radio stations are “those that broadcast from outside of ‘the system.’ Our station is no different.”

The truth is…

Rosebrough has robbed the word “pirate” of its true meaning. The true definition of pirate radio or a pirate radio station is a radio station that broadcasts without a valid license. But Rosebrough made up his own definition as a radio station broadcast from outside of 'the system' so he can use a pirate flag for his logo. A pirate flag? Yes, a pirate flag. He takes the Christogram – a symbol for Christ, consisting of the Greek letters chi (Χ) and rho (Ρ) – and uses it on a pirate flag.

And here are a few real pirate flags he uses on his “crew” page… Deckhands — Pirate Christian Media


Chris Rosebrough | Captain
Chris mans the helm of our ship, oversees our crew, and records our flagship production Fighting for the Faith.



Joshua Rosebrough | Sea Artist
Josh is currently a Film Production Major at Huntington University and has been producing, editing, writing, and voicing our beloved Max Holiday’s Bird Cage Theatre since July 2008.


You | H.M.S. Aletheia Crew
Ever since our Captain and First Mate launched the H.M.S. Aletheia “to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3), our sailing vessel has been and will continue to be a “listener-supported” ministry. This means we depend upon your ongoing gifts and generosity in order to bring Christ-Centered and Cross-Focused Talk Radio to you and to the world. If you don't already support us, we welcome you to “join our crew” by selecting a Pirate Crew Membership Rank. Every new Crew Member will receive a few complimentary gifts as an expression of our appreciation. Whether you decide to become a Powder Monkey, Gunner's Mate, Master Gunner, or Quartermaster, we thank you for your continuous support!

Read what the flags mean
Famous Pirate Flags And Their Meanings - Vispronet


Is using pirate flags awesome or cool?




It’s dark.


It’s disturbing.


It’s irreverent and dishonoring to a holy God who gave us a holy religion – true Christianity.


Some time ago, I watched one of Rosebrough’s videos exposing the New Apostolic Reformation. I agreed with everything he said except for one statement: Christians should not be concerned with who is president in the White House. Really? I posted a comment refuting this, but never thought to look back to see if it was deleted.


Of course, what right-minded Christian doesn't care who is in the White House?  What right-minded person isn't upset Biden is in the White House destroying America?


Government is an ordinance of God, and rulers are the ministers of God. Just as God ordained ministers of the Gospel, God ordained ministers of the government. In other words, a minister is an ambassador of Christ in any office. A minister is an agent appointed to transact or manage business under the authority of Christ. Civil rulers act as God’s agent and have God-given authority to administer justice. It is their God-given duty to protect life and property, repress crime, determine quarrels, right the wrongs, punish offenders, preserve national peace and order, and so forth. (See “God and Government”


Thirdly, some religious scoundrels make merchandise of men: "And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you" (2 Pet. 2:2). Becca Bowen and Chris Rosebrough sell overpriced merchandise: coffee mugs, T-shirts, and other junk. They profit from ads and merchandise. They are covetous. They are no different from the prosperity gospel preachers they denounce.

Of course, there are many more religious scoundrels on YouTube.

My dear Christian friends…

Beware of money-hungry YouTube Christians who irreverently and greedily allow ads on their videos. They are social media whores.


Beware of despicable YouTube Christians who hide the truth - delete or filter comments that tell the truth. They denounce secular cancel culture, but practice religious cancel culture. They are hypocrites.


Beware of sacrilegious YouTube Christians who fly pirate flags and commit other acts dishonoring a holy God. They are fools.

Beware of religious scoundrels on YouTube.



August 2022
Liberty Advocate