Satan, the Fake Pandemic, and the Modern Church

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Satan, the Fake Pandemic, and the Modern Church
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Liberty Advocate  







Satan, the Fake Pandemic, and the Modern Church


Karen Pansler Lam, J.D.


Satan and his devils laugh and laugh and laugh at Americans. The shout of one word caused intense fear resulting in reckless and foolish decisions causing devastating destruction in America.

And the Chinese and every other God-hating communist country laugh and laugh and laugh at us because with the shout of one word, we ran like scaredy-cats and locked down our homes, closed our churches, and destroyed our economy.

What was the one word?

They didn’t shout “Boo!”

They shouted, “Pandemic!”

This one word – “the shot heard round the world” – started the war against America to bring us into submission to the Communist New World Order. Just think, not one shot from a weapon was fired to start the war against Americans. The weapon was the terrifying word “Pandemic!” Words are powerful weapons.

And we didn’t even stop to consider the World Health Organization agenda is a Communist New World Order, or one-world communist government.

And we didn’t even look up the definition of pandemic to see if the Communist World Health Organization was intentionally misusing the word to deceive and destroy America.

And we didn’t even stop to consider the sinister figures standing in the dark shadows of the fake Chinese flu pandemic: Hillary and Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and all communists and haters of America and God.

And Americans – including professing Christians – listened to “experts” and panicked.

The result? A panic pandemic.

We allowed ourselves to be imprisoned in our homes (house arrest); we closed our churches (this was not too terrible because most churches are apostate); we shut down businesses. No, we didn’t hesitate to surrender our God-given liberty that our forefathers held so dear, and eloquently and passionately proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

Our founding fathers had fearless faith; they fought and died for their God-given liberty.

But not us.

The World Health Organization shouts “Pandemic!” and we panic and run in fear, and imprison ourselves in our homes.

We ran scared and practiced social distancing – distanced ourselves from each other.

Churches didn’t question the government. Cowardly pastors immediately agreed to shut down their churches. Some pastors on social media patted themselves on the back for following CDC guidelines. One Assemblies of God pastor boasted: “We’re following CDC guidelines.” Too bad this pastor doesn’t follow the Biblical guidelines for keeping the church pure. His church welcomes sinners with open arms. And his church is infected with worldly worship.

Churches brag about social distancing, but...

Too bad churches don’t distance themselves from sin.

Too bad churches don’t worry about keeping pure. They are not concerned with sinners spreading the contagious disease of sin among the congregation.

Sadly, the modern church is more afraid of being infected with the Chinese flu, than being infected with sin!

And Satan and his devils laugh and laugh and laugh…



Panic Pandemic

To begin, there is no Chinese flu pandemic in America.

This lie caused a panic pandemic.

Pandemic means an epidemic over an especially wide geographic area. Epidemic means spreading rapidly and extensively among many individuals in an area. It is said especially of contagious diseases.

The Chinese flu is not spreading rapidly and extensively in America.

The number of cases nationwide is not a high proportion of the U.S. population.

And more people die of seasonal flu than the Chinese flu (now called the politically correct coronavirus, or COVID-19; however, this new and different strain of the influenza virus originated in China; the influenza epidemic of 1918 was called the Spanish flu because the French claimed it originated in Spain).

Here's something to think about...

Among the chief epidemics of influenza are those of 1762,1782,1787,1803,1833,1837,1847, and 1889. In several of these the disease appeared to originate in some parts of Asia, and to travel westward through Europe and on to America…
Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica (1893)

Interestingly, for over 250 years, chief influenza epidemics originated in Asia.

There may be an influenza epidemic in New York City, but there is no pandemic in America.

The fake pandemic caused pandemonium. And pandemonium is caused by demons.

And Satan and his devils laugh and laugh and laugh…



Spiritual Warfare

We must understand the fake pandemic is spiritual warfare.

Paul warns us of spiritual wickedness in high places:

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

Put on the whole armour of God,
that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:10-12

Paul warns the devil is out to get us, and he will use force, fraud, trickery, deception, misrepresentation, snares…all his devilish tricks against us.

We are not really fighting a pandemic; we are battling the devil and all the powers of darkness. The devil is using the fake pandemic to rob us of our liberty, and enslave us to a godless New World Order.

We are at war with devils who have a government which they exercise in this world.

But many Evangelicals refuse to believe some public officials who sit in high places in American government also sit in high places in Satan’s empire.

And many Evangelicals refuse to believe that some religious leaders who sit in high places in church government also sit in high places in Satan’s empire.

It is very disheartening so many professing Evangelicals lack spiritual discernment, and are deceived by socialist/communist propaganda. Rick Warren and his devils have certainly done a good job turning churches into socialist/communist indoctrination centers. Their diabolical and dastardly conspiracy to replace the true gospel with social justice has created undiscerning Christians who quickly gave up their God-given liberty, and allowed the government to put them under house arrest (stay-at-home orders). The fake pandemic proved that false Christians who already blindly follow socialist/communist Christianity will blindly follow the Antichrist.

The Bible warns us…

Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
2 Corinthians 11:14


Try the spirits whether they are of God:
because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
1 John 4:1


Do not give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils (1 Timothy 4:1).

Devils will do anything to trick us…even try to deceive us with a fake pandemic to enslave us to a godless communist government.


Biblical Health Laws

Chinese flu is among us. But it is a concern, not a pandemic. It is a concern just like any other flu or contagious sickness. But our Creator has given us health laws.

I wonder...

How many Christians consulted the Bible about dealing with a contagious disease?

How many professing Christian government officials consulted the Bible about dealing with the Chinese flu?

How many on Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board consulted the Bible about dealing with the flu? For example, did heretic Paula White advise Trump to follow Biblical health laws to deal with the Chinese flu? (Trump's choice of White as his spiritual adviser is deeply troubling: she is not only a heretic; she is a kook! More will be written about this in an upcoming article.) To repeat, did anyone on the Board consult the Bible?

The Bible is the most relevant book ever written in the history of the world. It even covers health laws.

Every Christian should study the health laws about the contagious disease of leprosy in Leviticus 13.  Leprosy was the most loathsome disease in Biblical times. It was caused by unclean habits.  Leprosy was a foul, spreading, and usually incurable disorder and was looked upon with disgust. If anyone touched a leper, he was almost sure to get the hideous disease.

The book of Leviticus dictates the treatment for leprosy. As soon as the disease was suspected, the person was to go, or be brought, not to a physician, but to one of the priests.  Leprosy was believed fatal if not divinely cured. 

Briefly, if the priest looked at the man’s skin and pronounced him unclean – “it is leprosy” – then the man was quarantined. Of course, this is a very brief explanation, but the point is the man who was suspected of having leprosy was shut up in his house. The man was quarantined, not everyone in the camp.

Moreover, the Biblical health laws in Leviticus clearly show God’s concern for cleanliness. No one can read the Bible from cover to cover and miss God’s command for cleanliness. The Bible uses the words unclean and clean, filthy and pure, unholy and holy, and so forth…you get the idea.

Cleanliness is next to godliness” is not a Scripture, but cleanliness is a part of godliness. In The Pulpit Commentary, Rev. W.L. Alexander explains cleanliness is a religious duty in his commentary on Deuteronomy 23:9-14.


Cleanliness a religious duty.

The Law of Moses may be regarded as fourfold—moral, ritual, civil, and sanitary. The precepts in this paragraph are an example of the last-named part thereof. They refer to the inculcation of cleanliness, both in camp and in person. And not only so, but to the observance thereof in time of war. While, perhaps, at such times special evils would result from the neglect of such regulations, yet, on the other hand, it would be precisely when movements were irregular, uncertain, and attended with much excitement, that there would be the strongest tendency to fail in their observance. But no amount of war-pressure would be any excuse for uncleanliness. We get here, moreover, an illustration of that which so often occurs in the Law of Moses, viz. that duties of the lowest, humblest, and most common order are urged on the people by the highest and noblest sanctions; and many a teacher may find reason for urging to cleanliness of habit from such a text as Deuteronomy 23:14, "The Lord thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp … therefore shall thy camp be holy." The precise application of the text must, of course, vary with locality and circumstance; but the principle of it includes the following.

1. The presence of the Lord God is everywhere.

2. He is in the "camp" of his people as a special light and guard.

3. Hence every such home may be regarded as a temple of God, the palace of the Great King.

4. In such homes the most menial acts may be acts of service done for God; common work may be dignified by great motives.

5. It will be regarded by a wise Christian man as a part of his duty which is by no means to be neglected, to maintain order and unsullied cleanliness in person and home. This will be part of his life-worship—the living translation of "laborare est orare." This duty needs special enforcement in some quarters. Many a humble Christian cottager elevates his home and all therein, by having it so beautifully clean that, on every piece of furniture, on every wall, on every floor, it seems as if the words were graven, "Holiness to the Lord."

God called Israel to be a culture of cleanness – both physically and spiritually. He called them to physical and moral purity. Therefore, God gave them health laws, including sanitary laws. Moreover, the health laws concerning uncleanness symbolized the uncleanness of sin.

Certain cultures are known for their filthy habits. And when immigrants from these cultures come to America, they bring their dirty habits and live in filthy homes. They endanger your health. They endanger your family’s health. They endanger the community’s health. And they endanger the nation’s health.

Journalist Beh Yuen Hui for The Star (Malaysia's top English-language daily and website) talks about the dirty habits of the Chinese:

WHILE many people zero in on those who eat wild animals for the novel coronavirus outbreak, I beg to differ. I would blame it on the lack of hygiene awareness among the Chinese, which I dare say is one big problem.


This quarantine would not have happened if the people practise good hygiene.

The SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak 17 years ago that claimed hundreds of lives has not changed their bad habits.


Spitting is one bad habit of the Chinese that annoys me the most, not just the disgusting mucus on the floor but also the loud irritating throat-clearing sound.


I have always wondered why must they “tell the whole world” in doing so.


If you happen to be in Beijing, check out the streets, especially the entrance or exit of subway stations, and you will see patches of dark spots. I can bet these are dried mucus already mixed with dust and dirt.

Coughing or sneezing without covering one’s mouth is common in public areas and restaurants, and all these bad habits contributed to the spread of the virus.


The community parks where I live are full of people playing card games or chit-chatting on the weekends.


One day I walked over to one park, hoping to make friends and play cards.


The moment I got there, I turned back – the foul smell of urine filled the air.

I have seen young people in their 20s and 30s, as well as bus drivers, doing their business by the side of busy roads, and it is very common to see mothers carrying their toddlers to urinate in the bins or drains outside the shopping malls.


Again, certain cultures are known for their dirty habits.


And some Americans are dirty.


But no true Christians has dirty habits.


Epidemics have been known to start from a single individual.

Clearly, we have a duty to obey Biblical health laws – including sanitary laws – to ensure the health of ourselves, our family, our community, and our nation. Everyone – not just Christians - has a duty to maintain his own health and take measures to prevent the spread of disease.

1. If you’re sick, stay at home. Sick persons have a responsibility to stay at home, and not go out in public spreading disease.

And if you're afraid of catching the flu, stay at home. Don't demand stay-at-home orders (house arrest) for the healthy.

Public officials should only declare towns, cities, counties, or the state quarantined when a real pandemic occurs. Just because there is a pandemic in China does not mean there's a pandemic in America.

2. Bathe. The person who is attentive to personal cleanliness helps to ensure against sickness. This also includes washing your hands after using the bathroom, before food preparation and eating, after being in public places, etc.

3. Wash your clothing. A clean body must be clothed in clean clothes.

4. Cleanse your house. Cleanliness in the home is of the greatest importance.

The Biblical sanitation laws can be summed up in one word: Cleanliness.

If we apply Biblical sanitary laws to the Chinese flu and do not suffer a pandemic, it is very important that we publicly give God the glory. We must not give ourselves the glory. Give God the glory for He is merciful, and heard the prayers of the faithful remnant of saints pleading for America.

Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us,
but unto thy name give glory,
for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake.
Psalm 115:1

The great Bible commentator Matthew Henry comments:

Let no opinion of our own merits have any room either in our prayers or in our praises, but let both centre in God’s glory. 1. Have we received any mercy, gone through any service, or gained any success? We must not assume the glory of it to ourselves, but ascribe it wholly to God. We must not imagine that we do any thing for God by our own strength, or deserve any thing from God by our own righteousness; but all the good we do is done by the power of his grace, and all the good we have is the gift of his mere mercy, and therefore he must have all the praise…No; all our songs must be sung to this humble tune, Not unto us, O Lord! and again, Not unto us, but to thy name, let all the glory be given; for whatever good is wrought in us, or wrought for us, it is for his mercy and his truth’s sake, because he will glorify his mercy and fulfil his promise. All our crowns must be cast at the feet of him that sits upon the throne, for that is the proper place for them.

If we want to stop the spread of any contagious disease, then we must follow the Biblical sanitary laws.


Social Distancing from Sin

Biblical health laws commanded isolation of the leper so the disease couldn’t spread. The leper had to separate himself from the pure. In other words, the leper must separate from the people and the sanctuary.  The leper was cast into exile.   

All the days wherein the plague shall be in him he shall be defiled;
he is unclean:
he shall dwell alone;
without the camp shall his habitation be.
Leviticus 13:46

The separation of the leper was to keep the camp pure. And this command was also given to the gospel church.


Matthew Henry explains:

This typified the purity which ought to be preserved in the gospel church, by the solemn and authoritative exclusion of scandalous sinners, that hate to be reformed, from the communion of the faithful. Put away from among yourselves that wicked person, 1 Co. 5:13 .

The modern church is concerned about the presence of someone in the church infected with coronavirus, but it is not concerned about preserving the purity of the gospel church.

The modern church boasts of following CDC guidelines, but it boldly rebels against God’s command to separate from sinners.

Irrefutably, the Bible commands us to shun the company of the debased as we would the presence of those afflicted with an infectious disease.

Alas, the modern church practices social distancing out of fear of being infected with the Chinese flu; but they welcome the unclean with open arms, and shun (socially distance) saints who boldly defend the purity of the church.

The modern church is infected with spiritual leprosy because it refuses to obey God’s command…

I wrote unto you in epistle not to company with fornicators:

Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world,
or with the covetous,
or extortioners,
or with idolaters;
for then must ye needs go out of the world.

But now I have written unto you not to keep company,
if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator,
or covetous,
or an idolater,
or a railer,
or a drunkard,
or an extortioner;
with such an one no not to eat.

For what have I to do to judge them also that are without?
do not ye judge them that are within?

But them that are without God judgeth.
Therefore p
ut away from among yourselves that wicked person.
1 Corinthians 5:9-13

In plain and simple language, the church is commanded to exercise discipline among the brethren.

Matthew Henry comments:

Note, Christians may and ought to testify more respect to loose worldlings than to loose Christians. This seems a paradox. Why should we shun the company of a profane or loose Christian, rather than that of a profane or loose heathen?

III. The reason of this limitation is here assigned. It is impossible the one should be avoided. Christians must have gone out of the world to avoid the company of loose heathens. But this was impossible, as long as they had business in the world. While they are minding their duty, and doing their proper business, God can and will preserve them from contagion. Besides, they carry an antidote against the infection of their bad example, and are naturally upon their guard. They are apt to have a horror at their wicked practices. But the dread of sin wears off by familiar converse with wicked Christians. Our own safety and preservation are a reason of this difference. But, besides, heathens were such as Christians had nothing to do to judge and censure, and avoid upon a censure passed; for they are without (v. 12), and must be left to God’s judgment, v. 13.

But, as to members of the church, they are within, are professedly bound by the laws and rules of Christianity, and not only liable to the judgment of God, but to the censures of those who are set over them, and the fellow-members of the same body, when they transgress those rules. Every Christian is bound to judge them unfit for communion and familiar converse. They are to be punished, by having this mark of disgrace put upon them, that they may be shamed, and, if possible, reclaimed thereby: and the more because the sins of such much more dishonour God than the sins of the openly wicked and profane can do. The church therefore is obliged to clear herself from all confederacy with them, or connivance at them, and to bear testimony against their wicked practices. Note, Though the church has nothing to do with those without, it must endeavour to keep clear of the guilt and reproach of those within.IV. How he applies the argument to the case before him: "Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person, v. 13. Cast him out of your fellowship, and avoid his conversation.’’



The leper in the Hebrew camp was commanded to put a covering upon his upper lip and cry, “Unclean! Unclean!” so that the pure would keep away and not risk contagion. He was pronounced unclean and had to dwell without the camp.

And in the gospel church, the unclean are to dwell without the church to protect us from contagion; keep from defiling the holy sanctuary of God; avoid bringing contempt upon the Church; keep from openly defying God; and not invite the judgement of God.

But the modern church winks at the sins of professing Christians sitting in the congregation: unmarried couples living together; unwed parents; adulterers, drunks, and other wicked persons.


The modern church is more afraid of being infected with the Chinese flu than being infected with sin!



Satan and His Devils Laugh and Laugh and Laugh…


Satan and his devils laugh and laugh and laugh at us. The shout of one word caused intense fear resulting in reckless and foolish decisions causing devastating destruction in America.

They shouted, “Pandemic!”

And it caused pandemonium!

Christians didn’t bother to consult the Bible about dealing with a contagious disease. And it’s doubtful whether anyone on the President's Evangelical Advisory Board even considered consulting the Bible.

We ran scared and practiced social distancing.

Too bad churches don’t distance themselves from sin.

Too bad churches don’t worry about keeping pure.

Too bad churches aren’t concerned that sinners spread the contagious disease of sin among the congregation.

Sadly, the modern church is more afraid of being infected with the Chinese flu, than being infected with sin!

And Satan and his devils laugh and laugh and laugh…






May 2020
Liberty Advocate  


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