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Liberty Advocate



Victims of Christianity


Karen Pansler-Lam, J.D.



Secular and false "Christian" universities require students to read Frank James' "suppressed" speech (  The evil intent of corrupt university doctors is to cause students to feel the Pilgrims were savages who wrongfully possessed America.  The hippies spread this anti-Christian propaganda in the 1970s…and it continues today.


In other words, these evildoers deny it was God's will that America be founded as a Christian nation.


Was it God's will the Pilgrims possess America just as the Israelites were called by God to possess Canaan?


Frank James’ Hate Speech


In 1970, Frank James, a descendant of the Wampanoag tribe, was asked by Pilgrim descendants to speak at the 350th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing at Plymouth. However, when they asked to read the speech beforehand, they canceled James’ appearance.  As a result, his “suppressed” speech has been studied and praised in both secular and “Christian” universities.


Interestingly, the liberals accuse the Christians’ preaching the Gospel as hate speech.  Of course, liberals are hypocrites.  And since they walk in darkness, they cannot see their glaring hypocrisy.  In the 1960s and 70s, hippies protested Western civilization.  They showed great contempt for the Biblical work ethic, sober mindedness, morality and other Christian virtues.  And since it was white Europeans that brought Christianity to America’s shores, they spewed fiery hate speeches against white Christian Americans.  Frank James’ “suppressed” speech is one of those 70s anti-Christian hate speeches. 


In James’ speech, every word is saturated with hate as he repeatedly stabs Pilgrims and Christians with fierce, piercing words.  His hateful words drip with the blood of Pilgrims and Christians.  And typical of liberals, he calls his hatred “pride.”


But, of course, corrupt university doctors praise his hate speech because it is anti-Christian; its bloody words stir up hatred of Christianity.  But this is nothing new.  The 1599 Geneva Bible (the Pilgrims used this Bible) comment on Acts 6:9 states:  “Schools and Universities were of old time addicted to false pastors, and were the instruments of Satan to blow abroad and defend false doctrines.”   And the Geneva Bible notes: “The first bloody persecution of the Church of Christ began and sprang from a Council of Priests by the suggestion of the University doctors.”  Alas, university doctors have always persecuted true Christians.  In short, university doctors have always been anti-Christian, or the spirit of antichrist.


So, let’s briefly discuss James’ anti-Christian “suppressed” speech and expose a few of the lies and devilish propaganda.


To begin with, let me explain that, like James, I am descended from Native American Indians.  However, my ancestors were Cherokee.  




First, I'm a Christian


Second, I'm an American.


And I am unashamedly an American.


I’m not a Native American, or German American, or Irish American, etc. just because I am descended from these peoples.  And when my European ancestors arrived in America, they left behind their European ways and became Americans.  They did not insist on holding on to the cultures and traditions they left behind.  In other words, they did not demand cultural divisiveness; they were glad to become part of American culture.


But James’ speech clearly preaches multicultural discord and division. Unquestionably, the politically correct “multicultural diversity” is just a disguise for national division and destruction.  Liberals preach that “multicultural diversity” unites the nation.  But we know the truth:  Diversity divides and destroys. Jesus warns us: 


Every kingdom divided against itself,

is brought to desolation;

and every city or house divided against

itself shall not stand.

Matthew 12:25


And, like other radical and destructive propaganda of the 70s, James’ speech is intended to destroy Christian America.


Victims of Christianity


In his hate speech, James paints American Indians as victims of Christianity.  And to accomplish this, he portrays the Pilgrims as savages, and fiercely attacks the Pilgrims for Christianizing the Indians.  


To begin with, James states explorers captured and sold American Indians into slavery before the Pilgrims arrived. But notice James ignores the fact that American Indians massacred other tribes or captured and sold other tribes into slavery.  And James fails to mention that Indians tortured their captives.


Second, James does not use credible historical sources.  Thomas Morton wrote Mourt’s Relation (The Annals of America, Encyclopedia Britannica).  Morton hated the Puritans and was kicked out of Plymouth because of his lascivious poetry and libertine activities.  He then settled Merrymount and indulged in drunken orgies and other sins.  Not surprisingly, some contemporary “Christian” university doctors applaud his debauchery.


Third, his speech is full of false accusations.  Historical documents prove there were friendly relations between the Pilgrims and Indians.  It is documented the Pilgrims invited Massasoit and his tribe to join them in their first Thanksgiving.


Fourth, he alleges the Pilgrims broke their land agreement with the Indians.  He gives no evidence of this allegation. He just states it and expects us to blindly believe it. 


Fifth, James viciously attacks Christianity without offering any proof other than wild and false accusations: 


“Only ten years later, when the Puritans came, they treated the Wampanoag with even less kindness in converting the souls of the so-called ‘savages.’”


“We see incident after incident, where the white man sought to tame the "savage" and convert him to the Christian ways of life. The early Pilgrim settlers led the Indian to believe that if he did not behave, they would dig up the ground and unleash the great epidemic again.” 


Sixth, James cries out that the modern Wampanoags are confused, fragmented, wards of the US government, prisoners of war, and other abuses.  As for the modern American Indian being confused…why?  Maybe it’s because they are living in the spiritual darkness of hating Christianity. And, as for being prisoners of war and other past abuses, alas, this is world history, not just Indian history!  Since the beginning of time, all races have been enslaved and conquered and abused.  History is the story of the conqueror and the conquered! 


Seventh, James advocates, “we must work towards a more humane America, a more Indian America, where men and nature once again are important; where the Indian values of honor, truth, and brotherhood prevail.”  Frank James, O ye hypocrite!  You talk about honor and truth when your speech is filled with hateful lies.  You talk about brotherhood while you show great contempt for whites and Christians.  You intentionally break the bonds of American brotherhood by setting yourself apart as an American Indian: “We are Indians first…Today, I and many of my people are choosing to face the truth. We ARE Indians!…”  


Undeniably, James refuses to unite in American brotherhood and declares war on the white man: “The important point is that along with these necessities of everyday living, we still have the spirit, we still have the unique culture, we still have the will and, most important of all, the determination to remain as Indians. We are determined, and our presence here this evening is living testimony that this is only the beginning of the American Indian, particularly the Wampanoag, to regain the position in this country that is rightfully ours.” 


So…what is “the position in this country that is rightfully ours”?  To be put at the top of the totem pole just because they were here before the Pilgrims?


Strangely, James’ “suppressed” speech is both vicious and pathetic:  Vicious in its attack on Christianity, and pathetic in its anti-Christian victimology.  But that is hippie theology in a nutshell:  we are all victims of Christianity.


This Land Is Not Your Land;
This Land is God’s Land


Hippies and other heathens are grossly ignorant of the truth that the earth belongs to God.  So, to all who rob the Creator of His land: This land is not your land; this land is God’s land.  And God may give the land to whom He chooses.


Indeed, James’ emotionalism sways some professing Christians; they read his speech and weep the Christians “robbed” Indians of their land.  They contend that there is no Scripture to support the Pilgrims possessing America.  Alas, they are willfully ignorant of the Word of God.


Anyone with basic Bible knowledge knows that God promised Abraham the land of Canaan. And it would be through Abraham’s seed that God would bring salvation to the world.  However, before possessing the Promised Land, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 430 years.  Then God called Moses to deliver them out of Egypt, and lead them to Canaan. 


And anyone with basic Bible knowledge knows that Canaan was not uninhabited.  On the contrary, wicked peoples inhabited it. And the Israelites could not possess Canaan till these peoples were dispossessed of the land because of their wickedness (Genesis 15:16). 


Deuteronomy records Moses’ speech reminding the Israelites of God's command to “go in and possess the land” (1:8).


Behold, I have set the land before you:

go in and possess the land which the Lord

sware unto your fathers, Abraham,

Isaac, and Jacob,

to give to them and to their seed

after them.


Clearly, just because a land is inhabited does not mean the dwellers cannot be dispossessed of it. 


So, just because Indians inhabited America before the Pilgrims does not mean they could not be dispossessed of the land.  And if God willed the Indians be dispossessed of America and the land be given to God-fearing Christians, who are we to question God?


More important, James and others who demand Indians have rightful permanent possession of America fail to address certain issues:


1) God created the earth; therefore, all the earth belongs to the Creator.  Did the Wampanoags create the earth?  Specifically, did they create the Eastern land? 


2) Were the American Indians – specifically, the Wampanoags – the first and rightful owners of Plymouth and other New England colonies?  In other words, what evidence do the Wampanoags have proving they were the original inhabitants of America?  Or did they invade America and rob the land from other peoples?  Did they massacre a pre-existing tribe to gain possession of the land?


3) At the Tower of Babel, because of the pride of the Babylonians, God confounded their language and scattered the peoples over the face of the earth. Briefly, after the Flood, God commanded Noah and his sons:  “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Genesis 9:1). Instead, they journeyed to the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there. They refused to scatter. They built Babylon and the Tower of Babel “lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth” (Genesis 11:4). Therefore, the confounding of their language resulting in scattering across the earth was punishment for refusing to obey God’s command to “replenish the earth.” 


Simply put, the Wampanoags’ ancestors came from Babylon.  God did not create the Wampanoag Indians and place them in Massachusetts.  They migrated from Babylon.


Additionally, the descendants of Noah, including the Wampanoags, had knowledge of the one true God – monotheism.  However, their pride caused them to believe man could do whatever they imagined – humanism. So, they built a Tower symbolizing human arrogance.


And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower,

which the children of men builded.


And the Lord said,

Behold, the people is one,

and they have all one language;

and this they begin to do:

and now nothing will be restrained

from them,

which they have imagined to do.

Genesis 11:5,6


Unquestionably, early Babylonians were the first humanists: We are gods. 

As a side note, humanists are concerned more with the achievements, capabilities and interests of man rather than serving God; they are concerned with the study and welfare of human beings.  Hence, humanist gospel is humanitarianism.  And humanitarianism preaches that man’s sole moral obligation is to work for the improved welfare of humanity.  Humanitarianism also preaches that the nature of man may reach perfection through his own human efforts without divine aid. Doesn’t this sound like Rick Warren’s communist PEACE Plan?


Getting back to the Tower of Babel, the Babylonians defied God’s command to scatter abroad; they corrupted the Truth about the true God, and created their own god - man.  Therefore, God scattered them across the earth.  In other words, their speaking in different languages caused them to migrate to other lands, including America.


So, the American Indians, including the Wampanoags, descended from Noah.  But they corrupted the truth about God, and created their own god: a  “Great Spirit.” The “Great Spirit” was all-powerful, wise, and good; but Indians also believed in many inferior spirits, some good and some evil.  Often they worshipped the evil spirits most because they felt the Great Spirit would not hurt them for he is good.  On the other hand, Indians felt if they didn’t pray to the evil spirits, they might get mad and harm them. Clearly, they rebelled against the true God and were heathens.


Because the Indians strayed from God, He willed the Pilgrims and Puritans to possess the land, and preach the Gospel to the Indians.  And the Wampanoags did not resent the Gospel. Contrary to James’ false claim, the Pilgrims and Wampanoags were on friendly terms. In fact, the Pilgrims believed it was divine providence that brought Squanto back to America after being captured and sent off as a slave.   


William Bradford, the historian and governor of Plymouth Colony in the 1600s, writes about Squanto being a special instrument sent of God: “…but Squanto continued with them and was their interpreter and was a special instrument sent of God for their good beyond their expectation.  He directed them how to set their corn, where to take fish, and to procure other commodities, and was also their pilot to bring them to unknown places for their profit, and never left them till he died….”


Unquestionably, Squanto and the Wampanoags were a blessing to the Pilgrims.  If it had not been for the Wampanoags, the Pilgrims would not have survived and possessed the land.


Possess the Land


Finally, what James fails to admit is the fact that the Indians did not possess the land.  They camped on the land, but they did not possess it. Namely, they dwelled in wigwams  - temporary shelters; they did not build great towns like the advanced civilizations of the Aztecs or Incas or Mayans. To illustrate, the Aztecs were Indian people of Central Mexico noted for their advanced civilization before Cortes invaded Mexico in 1519.  On the other hand, the Wampanoags were still camping in wigwams in 1620. Furthermore, the Indian could not write.  Every great ancient civilization had some form of writing. To put it another way, the Wampanoags were “the low man on the totem pole” because of their lack of cultural achievements.  


James shows great contempt for those who possess the land – build towns. And he shows great contempt for “civilized” people. He openly despises organized and disciplined people: “History wants us to believe that the Indian was a savage, illiterate, uncivilized animal. A history that was written by an organized, disciplined people, to expose us as an unorganized and undisciplined entity.”


James hatefully states:  “What happened to those Wampanoags who chose to remain and live among the early settlers? What kind of existence did they live as ‘civilized’ people? True, living was not as complex as life today, but they dealt with the confusion and the change. Honesty, trust, concern, pride, and politics wove themselves in and out of their [the Wampanoags'] daily living. Hence, he was termed crafty, cunning, rapacious, and dirty".

Frankly, the last two sentences are ludicrous.  He alleges whites called Indians crafty, cunning, rapacious, and dirty because of Indian honesty, trust, concern, and pride.  Absolutely ludicrous!

The truth is the Indians were a lazy culture.  Benjamin Franklin wrote about the futility of educating the Indians:  “The proneness of human nature to a life of ease, of freedom from care and labor, appears strongly in the little success that has hitherto attended every attempt to civilize our American Indians.  In their present way of living, almost all their wants are supplied by the spontaneous productions of nature, with the addition of very little labor, if hunting and fishing may indeed be called labor, where game is so plenty.”


Indians despised labor, but James despises the Indians being called “savages” even though their life was primitive.  They lived by hunting, fishing, and farming.  And their farming was of the rudest kind. 


Moreover, the Indian male did the hunting, the fighting, the scalping; his wife did the work.  She built the wigwam.  She planted and hoed the corn and tobacco.  She made deerskin clothes for the family.  When they moved, she carried the furniture on her back.  Clearly, the male lazily watched the female carry the workload. 


And many American Indians are still lazy, as attested by past and present missionaries to the Indians.  To illustrate: A few years ago, a church sent a group of men to help build a church for the Indians in New Mexico.  However, no Indian offered to work.  They spent the day in idleness and drunkenness.  They refused to work and waited for their monthly welfare checks.


Even today, the American Indian refuses to possess the land given to him by the US government.  Many reservations are very primitive.  The truth is no one or nothing is holding them back from creating an advanced civilization on their own reservations.  


Indians are not victims of the white man.  


Indians are not victims of Christianity.  


Indians whitewash their laziness with the cry of victimology.


And this victimology – blame others for your laziness and failure – was not only the war cry of Indians, it was the war cry of hippies.  Both declared war on white America – specifically, Christian America. 


Go in and  Possess the Land


Why did God allow the Pilgrims to dispossess the Indians of the land of America?   


Historical documents evidence that the God-fearing Pilgrims separated from the corrupt Anglican Church, and desired to advance the Christian faith.  Moreover, the Indians rejected monotheism and worshipped a “Great Spirit” and many evil spirits. They were lost in spiritual darkness and needed the Light of the World.  Thankfully, the Pilgrims were faithful souls who braved much hardship to obey the Great Commission.


Go ye into all the world,

and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15


Frank James does not hide his hatred of the Pilgrims carrying out Jesus' Commission. He makes Indians victims of Christianity. 


And secular and false "Christian" universities require students to read James' "suppressed" speech to provoke students to feel the Pilgrims and Christians wrongfully possessed America. 


But only a fool would challenge God…


If God willed the Pilgrims to go in and possess the land…


Who are we to question God?





February 2014

Liberty Advocate